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Oct 5, 2012 06:44 PM

Searching for Napoleon

Where can I find a wonderful, fresh & crispy Napoleon in Los Angeles?
It seems easier to find good tart tartins, and croissants but I love napoleons.
I live in Encino but would drive for something wonderful.
Help please...

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  1. Try Natas, the wonderful Portuguese bakery on Ventura just west of Fulton. You won't be disappointed, and its close to you.

    1. I enjoy the ones at Pink Orchid (Westwood Blvd., just south of Santa Monica Blvd.... Not super far if there's no traffic on the 405). The have plain and strawberry, and a single-serve portion is only about $2.

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        Bea's Bakery and Brent's Deli who actually bake them themselves.

      2. I empathize. I find that most Napoleons do not have a flaky pastry resulting in the filling being smushed out when cutting into it. While visiting my daughter in Burbank, I did find a decent dulche de leche Napoleon at Portos Bakery in Burbank. Not sure if it's offered all the time.