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Oct 5, 2012 06:41 PM

Asian Fusion (S. Glastonbury, CT) - new Thai/Vietnamese/Japanese/Korean: GO!

Across the street from Gardiner's Market, there's a new Thai place where Thai Angel used to be...with Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean offerings, too:

Went for dinner and it was EXCELLENT. I highly recommend! Very friendly service, too.

Started with fried dumplings--marinated chicken wrapped in wontons. Crispy outside and unlike other dumplings we've ever eaten. Almost shaped like little pouches. DEEEEELICIOUS!

For our entrees: red curry with pork and basil with chicken. Generous portions, loads of fresh veggies, flavorful and plentiful sauces.

I couldn't resist fried bananas for dessert. They were plated as little individual banana dumplings (rather than the entire tempura banana I've had elsewhere), drizzled with a little MAPLE SYRUP (YES!), then served with a scoop of ice cream topped with whipped cream. I have never had maple syrup on fried bananas before...what a great idea and flavor combination!

I can't wait to go back for lunch--their lunch combos look like quite the bargain: choice of entree, vegetable soup, Thai roll, crab rangoon, salad and rice for $9.95. I am so there next week (except Monday, that's the one day they're closed)! And I'll be back for dinner, too.

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  1. Working my way through the menu: EXCELLENT tom ka (I had chicken) and the ginger dish is very tasty, too, though I like the basil even more.

    1. Menu looks awesome. Can't wait to try.

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        Had lunch there last Friday. Waitstaff very friendly. Lunch specials are served on a black lacquer-type tray. Soup was a delicious clear broth with small floating vegetables - just right for a light beginning. I ordered the Massaman Curry with Shrimp - came with a spring roll, hot, with dipping sauce, a small salad of lettuce (shredded iceberg and carrot; I specified Italian dressing) and a crab rangoon. The curry was excellent (4 large shrimp) and medium was not very spicy at all. The only off-note was the bottled Italian dressing. Seems they could easily make their own (rice vinegar, olive oil, bit of soy sauce & ginger, maybe). The menu offers 12-18 items for which you may choose the protein that you want with it. I also had Thai tea and with tip, paid $14.50. I'll definitely be back!

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          So glad to hear! Only two misfires for me so far. One, the Laab Gai. I thought it had too much fish sauce, they said no fish sauce in it, but whatever the case, it wasn't for me. Two, the drunken noodles--great flavor and all my favorite vegetables, but the noodles were gummy, starchy, thick and not to my liking. They sort of fell apart into the dish and blended with the rest of the ingredients. I hate to even mention it as I've loved everything else I've had so far.

          I'm having a ball eating my way through the menu, otherwise. The sticky rice with mango for dessert is a treat!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Our one experience was very good, They will give Char Koon some competition. Didn't care for the music- they can do better, but the staff is very friendly and has a good sense of humor (kind of rare for Asian restaurants generally, in our experience). The shumai were tasty, but not a bargain- $5.95 for 6. The maki rolls (spicy tuna) were very good. Crisp outside, nice clean flavor and relatively cheap at $5.95 for 6 pieces.

            When trying a place for the first time I try to stick with a basic dish I can compare to other places offering the same. The pad thai was very good, though I feel Sukothai's version in a bit better. Could just be my taste. The portion however was more generous and a bit less expensive than at Sukothai. My wife's mango curry (a "Chef's Special") was also very good- chicken, shrimp, mango in a mildly hot yellow curry sauce. $16.95 for that. There is a small upcharge for brown rice.

            Everything came to about 40 bucks. A good deal I think. We'll definitely go back

            1. re: thos

              AH HA HA...did I sit behind you once? The first time we went, Billy Joel's "Theme From an Italian Restaurant" was playing and we thought it was pretty funny, so we shared with them and they laughed, too. :) Another time, I heard a table complain about the lighting (too bright at night). After which, by the way, they dimmed the lights promptly.

              They are definitely friendly and eager to please. And I'm with you 100% on good sense of humor. Right from day one, they've kept us smiling and well fed, and it has kept me coming back on a regular basis. Stay safe.