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Oct 5, 2012 03:05 PM

Looking for Indian food in the Boston/Metrowest area - thanks!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Look for the thread: " The Mughals in Burlington WOW!" on the front page of this Boston Board. myself & DC were there today, 10/5/2012, Friday. Warmly welcomed, garlic naan, fresh & warmly hot, constantly being brought out to table. Honored a coupon discount, even though we forgot coupon at home. Kingfisher 24oz. beer super cold, crisp, clean Indian beer. We were advised of a new feature of buffet on Tuesdays & Fridays ... featuring new additions with a variety of fish offerings on those days. Value is certainly featured here with good, pleasant service a given.

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      Nice, constant naan replacement might be the most important thing for me in an Indian restaurant. It's naan-negotiable. (I'm sorry.)

    2. Dosa Temple, Ritu Ki Rasoi, Darbar, Kabab & Tandoor, Mehak.

      1. Paani on Route 20 in Sudbury is awesome. Menu is authentic and varied, food is fresh and delicious, owner is helpful and welcoming for those who need an introduction to the more exotic dishes. Excellent seafood and vegetarian selections in addition to the more common chicken and lamb. It has only about 10 tables, so call for a reservation on weekends.

        1. I've always enjoyed Singh's Cafe in Wellesley. Their kebabs are smoky, moist and delicious.

          1. I like Minerva in Natick and Kushboo in Lexington for wait served dinners. Both seem to bring the spice level I like when I ask for medium spicy.

            Little India in Waltham is my go to for lunch buffet - a little blander than the two above, but always a nice balance of spices - and I can't get enough of the saag paneer here.

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              I've done all the lunch buffets in Waltham, and second Little India. It doesn't have the biggest variety, or the flashiest decor, but its reliably fantastic!