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Oct 5, 2012 12:52 PM

Cognac vs Brandy

Making Ina's company pot roast which calls for 2T Cognac. Would there be any appreciable taste difference if brandy is used?

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  1. at 2 T, not a lot of difference.

    1. I made chicken marango using brandy. I asked the in house expert where I purchase my wine and spirits and he told me for cooking to use the brandy and to keep the cognac for drinking. I hope your recipe turns out well.

      1. In Ina's neighborhood, Cognac is probably pretty common. For those of us less fortunate, in a financial sense, brandy does just fine. I do admit that I sometimes use Cognac for a very special dessert but brandy is what I would typically use, especially when it's a mere 2 tablespoons.

          1. No difference whatsoever. Cognac is simply a brandy produced in the Cognac region. It usually carries a higher price than other brandies (although I usually find Armagnac to be even more expensive) and I wouldnt generally use it in recipes. For cooking, we usually use supermarket "own label" brandy - current bottle is French but it's sometimes Spanish.