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What is the best steak house in NYC if you like well seasoned steaks

I am going to NYC in three weeks and was wondering which steakhouse I should go to if I like well seasoned steaks especially ribeyes. Price is not important, just good seasoned steaks.

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  1. Well seasoned, meaning...? Like some sort of spice rub, or just nicely salted/peppered? Where are you visiting from?

    1. Wollensky Grill = Cajun Ribeye. Enjoy.

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        Or the chili-rubbed rib-eye at Porter House.

        1. I mean some sort of spice not salt pepper. I am from knoxville and we have several good places here like Ruth Chris but not exactly the steak for me. I liked the bone in cajun ribeye at pappas brothers in Dallas a lot

          1. Cajun ribeye at the Post House. Excellent. One of the best steaks in the city.

            1. Post house or wollensky, which is the better place? I have narrowed it down to those two.

              1. At Porter House NYC the chill-rubbed rib eye is off the charts!!!

                1. Uncle Jack's seasons their steaks, good quality meat. I always request that they give me unseasoned, because if you don't it is heavily seasoned.

                  1. Well I went to both Porter House and Post House. The steak at Post House was unbelievable. It was a thick bone steak with a wonderful cajun spice. It was perfect. Porter House was not bone in and much smaller even though it was only a couple dollars cheaper. The chile rubbed was actually some kind of orange oil over it. It was not bad, but just not near the caliber of Post House. The service at Porter House was awful as well. I don't want to get in to all of it, but once our waiter took our order, he NEVER stopped at our table again until I asked for the check. No second beer or water. My steak was not done enough and the manager noticed I hadn't taken a bite for 10-15 minutes from across the room and came and took it back and brought it back to my table. He was very nice. Please if you like steak, go to Post House and get the Cajun Ribeye

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                      Thanks. This is SO GOOD to know - haven't been to Post House since like 2004 or 2005. Great feedback, neb.

                    2. I like QUALITY MEAT, best Porter House! Please ask for the Hot Sauce.