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Oct 5, 2012 12:44 PM

Meat and potatoes: L'Atelier Vivanda by Akrame Benallal of Akrame in the 16th.

I've seen several threads that mention bringing/taking spouses, usually husbands to Paris , who only want meat and potatoes; well, do I have a recommendation for you/him.

L'Atelier Vivanda in the 16th, an offshoot of Akrame Benallal's eponymous 1-star Michelin, Pudlo's "Young Chef of the year" place across the street is all meat (6) and potatoes (5) and quite wonderful. It has only 20 seats at butcher block tables. It costs 89.60 E a couple with wine, and the pix of our meal are to be found elsewhere..

And, I John Talbott, approve of this post and guarantee that I've eaten there.

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  1. The potato selection alone looks great. This new restaurant is practically the polar oppositie of his namesake place, which is quite lovely and delicious.

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      Yes, except that the quality is great at both.