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Oct 5, 2012 12:40 PM

Maison Villatte in Falmouth - is it EVER going to open???

I have been waiting with great anticipation for Boris Villatte to open his new bakery-cafe in Falmouth, MA which anyone who knew the wonders of his work at PB Boulangerie will well understand. The new place was supposed to open first over the summer, then in mid-September, and I believe it is still not open.

Does anyone know if an opening date has been set?

Merci en avance.

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  1. Just got the word that they opened today! I haven't had a chance to walk down there but hope to check it out soon! Exciting stuff.

    1. it's open, closed on Mondays, alas....

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        Where is this located? From Dennis, Falmouth is another world away but for great food, I can be convinced. Wellfleet is 30 miles from Dennis but seems closer.

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          It's right on main street in Falmouth a bit beyond the town library in the old Ortin's Photo building. Haven't been there yet but expect to go tomorrow am... will post our thougths later.

      2. I finally was able to stop by on Friday. The inside is very pretty. There is a large case as soon as you walk in that I imagine will soon be packed with baked goods. I don't know if they aren't up to capacity yet or if they are selling everything very quickly (I didn't get there until late afternoon) but when I got there, there were only a few quiche, tarts, and croissants left. However, there were piles and piles of delicious looking bread (I'm going back to get some for Thanksgiving morning breakfast!) The staff was very friendly and kept the line moving. I got a chocolate croissant and it was divine. The bakery is in full view and you could see the baker working and fresh goods coming out of the oven. There were many tables filled with folks drinking coffee and enjoying pastries. I never went to PB Boulangerie so I don't know how this compares, but I thought it was great and I'm excited to have a fine bakery right here in Falmouth.

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          I made a stop there today as I was in Falmouth picking up some rainbow carrots at the very excellent Windfall Market (Thanks for the tip Dordalina!) Windfall itself clearly has some skilled bakers but MAN-O-MAN....Maison Villate is incredible! Boris was present along with about 5 other bakers furiously producing scumptious baked goods. The cases were jammed with all kinds of pastries, croissant, breads, savory quiches and tarts, small delicacies, and large puffy concoctions. There was a line but it moved smoothly. The chairs and benches were all occupied so I took my order to go, a perfect cafe au lait, a still warm french batard loaf, a chocolate almond croissant, and a cheese,bacon and onion tart for dinner. I would guess they easily had twice the selection of what one usually finds in Welfleet. Falmouth is a bitch to get to from my West Barnstable home, but my waistline is thankful it's not easier. If this place was in Hyannis...well......Mon Dieu!

        2. Unfortunately, while traveling through Truro, Wellfleet and Orleans on Saturday looking for a summer rental, our usual stop at PB Boulangerie was denied as they are closed until early March. Fortunately, we stopped at Maison Villatte in Falmouth on the way off Cape. I will try not to dwell on the service which was aloof, disinterested and unfriendly, however, the baked goods that we tried were incredible. It was around 4 pm and I asked for a baguette, a butter croissant and a pain au raisin. Perhaps they were out of traditional baguettes as when we drove away and dug into the bread, we all thought it was much more like a whole wheat baguette. That aside, all three items were delicious and the baguette was as good as any I had in Paris last Spring. I could almost see myself driving the hour and fifteen minutes from the Boston area just to get a loaf of bread, and why not...when I was at Franklin BBQ in Austin, there were people who drove about 3 hours to stand in line and wait for their bbq!

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            that's a great story, Baker..I love people who are passionate about their food. We drove 3 hours to New Haven for pizza once..that's the most extreme adventure I have yet to cousin drives 4+ hours to Katz's and other places in NYC...

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              My son is only a 10 minute walk from Katz's and although I do not make a special trip to NYC to go to Katz's, it's a good excuse to go see my son. Their Pastrami sandwich is almost life changing and they have only been making it since when...1882??

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              Sounds like the Welfleet help is now working in Falmouth for the winter!

              Seriously, I've been twice now and on both occasions the place was jammed and the help were friendly, courteous, and informative. Hopefully you just caught someone on an off day. (But honestly, your description of the service mirrors my experience at Welfleet completely)

              The bread and the pastries are definitely worth the trip!