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Oct 5, 2012 12:24 PM

Downtown LA eateries near Staples (LA Live or general downtown area) on a tighter budget...

Taking the the 3 kids plus there friends out to dinner before a concert @ Staples tonight (Black Keys). I know lots of good restaurants in the area but none that wouldn't break the bank on this struggling dad. Taking 7-8 people out to Fleming's or Roy's (for example) would set me back $300-$500 and I can't afford that. Any suggestions of good eateries on a tight budget near Downtown LA? Thanks in advance.

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  1. hey cool I'm going to the same show

    taco trucks near the met (flower and wilshire I think)(danny's tacos IIRC)
    colori kitchen for something slightly more upscale
    yard house/lawry's carvery for LA live

    there's also a taco truck across the street from regal @ la live.

    for post show, I'd go to Mexicali Taco Co

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    1. re: ns1

      Yard House is decent. We take our kids there before shows quite often, there's something for everyone to order.

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        On a related note, anyone got recs for cheap libations near LA Live? I'd normally go to Rivera or Golden Golpher, but Rivera is not cheap and Golden Golpher is not close.

      2. I really like Wood Spoon and their great chicken pot pie

        Can't go wrong with those wonderful sausages at Wurstkuche (love their rattlesnake and rabbit sausage) and maybe some pie across the street at The Pie Hole.

        Nickel Dinner is good.

        Can't go wrong with a Lamb Dip at Philippe's.

        Also recommend Umamicatessen for their hatch burger or their wonderful thick cut pastrami sandwich.

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        1. re: wienermobile

          Thank you. Those are some good suggestions as well.

        2. Guelaguetza on Olympic is just two miles west of Staples Center.

          You also might consider a place like Hae Jang Chon, Tahoe Galbi or one of the other AYCE places in Koreatown for Korean BBQ at about $20 pp.

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          1. re: Jwsel

            ayce kbbq is a great idea if you got the time.

            1. re: Jwsel

              Oh gawd no! I was just at KBBQ AYCE (Road To Seoul) on Wednesday night and I'm still full. Besides, when you leave a KBBQ, you almost always need to shower or you'll smell like a bbq for hours. That being said, I love KBBQ. I just don't think it's good for tonight.

              1. re: Joe

                Where are you coming from for the show?

                1. re: ns1

                  Pasadena. But, I have to make a stop @ UCLA to pick up my daughter and friend @ 6. Then meet the rest of the party in downtown or general area.

                  1. re: Joe

                    papa cristo's is also doable if you're coming from that direction...really depends what you're looking for, quality of food/convenience or something else.

                    1. re: ns1

                      Papa Cristo's sounds good and might fit the bill. I've heard about it but never been. Hopefully, we'll end-up there. Thanks!

              2. re: Jwsel

                Another solid suggestion. Thank you! I think it's a toss up between Guelagutza and Papa Cristo's, for now.

                1. re: Joe

                  One more, this one south by USC. "Questionable" environment though - like a very, very, very nice food court (I'm trying to be very political as to not get into chow debate)


                  1. re: ns1

                    With Friday evening rush hour traffic, those little 3-4 miles could take 30-40 minutes to get to. Another time, when there's less time restraints. It does however look good!

                    1. re: Joe

                      So you're driving from Pas to Westwood to downtown on a Friday night?! Sounds like a drive through to me, unless the concert starts at 9 pm.....

                      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                        I left Pasadena at 4:30 and arrived in Westwood @ 5:20. Not bad, for a Friday night. From Westwood, another 30 minutes to downtown. Made it to dinner and the show on time. Speaking of the show, Black Keys killed it. Awesome live performance!

                        1. re: Joe

                          But where did you eat? and how was it? don't leave us hanging....

                          1. re: Joe

                            Good for you! Got lucky! Heard the show was great....

                2. The group consensus was Italian so we ended-up at a place called Colori Kitchen on 8th, just off of Hill. From the street, looks very unsuspecting. Once inside, it opens up nicely. Food and service was excellent. No beer or wine but you can bring your own. In fact, they have a wine list from a near by liquor store with their phone number. You call and they deliver. Got a nice bottle of Pinot for $11.99 and dinner was $130 for 6 people. As far as I'm concerned, we scored. If there's one thing I could complain about was the musty smell in the restaurant. That could've been the carpeting or the old building. You always would rather dine without any odors present.

                  We went onto the show and got to see one amazing live performance by The Black Keys. Overall, a very solid evening with family.


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                  1. re: Joe

                    Thanks so much for reporting back!

                  2. 2013 bump, anything walking distance from Staples?

                    Colori Kitchen (Figueroa) shut down :(
                    Happy Hour @ Morton's might be doable ($1 oysters!)

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                    1. re: ns1

                      Colori shut down? Well, that sucks. Restaurant business is so tough. Right across the street from Staples Center is LA Live. Tons of restaurants to choose from there. Flemming's Steak House also has a decent happy hour.

                      1. re: Joe

                        Their second (expansion) location shut down, not the original one. I'd prefer not to eat at LA Live, but maybe I'll head to the carvery for a sandwich before the show...

                        1. re: ns1

                          I'm no fan of most eateries @ LA Live but you did say walking distance. How about Border Grill or Roy's up the street? Still walking but a few blocks north.