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It's Lobster Time!

RhonelyInsanediego Oct 5, 2012 11:48 AM

Well it's local lobster season again. I usually get mine from Catalina Offshore Products, but their hours don't always fit my schedule.

Where do the Chow Hounds get their sweet spiny bugs?

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    Cathy RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 5, 2012 11:56 AM


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    1. re: Cathy
      escondido123 RE: Cathy Oct 5, 2012 12:31 PM

      Second vote for Major Market

      1. re: escondido123
        RhonelyInsanediego RE: escondido123 Oct 5, 2012 02:05 PM

        Are these Maine lobbys or local?

        1. re: RhonelyInsanediego
          Cathy RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 5, 2012 04:08 PM


          Maine are always available. Spiny are available starting this weekend (unsure if today) according to the email I got yesterday.

          1. re: Cathy
            cstr RE: Cathy Oct 6, 2012 08:12 AM

            just not a fan of local bugs, the meat is mushy compared to Maine bugs.

            1. re: cstr
              Cathy RE: cstr Oct 6, 2012 08:21 AM

              I don't like the local ones either; they are different and served with tortillas or in burritos, needing many condiments like other less expensive meat.

              Just was answering the OP.

              1. re: Cathy
                RhonelyInsanediego RE: Cathy Oct 6, 2012 12:46 PM

                Nothing like our fresh local spiny's. IMHO the meat is much sweeter and more buttery than Maine lobsters. I truly believe it is a far superior product. Only frozen or ill prepared is mushy.

              2. re: cstr
                El Chevere RE: cstr Oct 15, 2012 10:16 AM

                I am with you on this and prefer New England or Novia Scotia lobster to the local variety--or, as I like to put it, the locals are 'deformed' since they do not have claws, unlike their cold water counterparts which do and I happen to enjoy the meat inside the claws as well as the lobster tail.

                I walk past The Spot in La Jolla on occasion and notice they offer a Maine lobster special...has anybody eaten here and is it good?

                1. re: El Chevere
                  RhonelyInsanediego RE: El Chevere Oct 15, 2012 11:01 AM

                  I know it's a preference thing and there is a long running thread and Chowhound debate on which is better, spiny(Panulirus) or Maine (Homarus). I would argue that fresh and local is always better, no matter where you are

                  1. re: RhonelyInsanediego
                    RhonelyInsanediego RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 15, 2012 01:41 PM

                    Here's the thread:


      2. m
        master815k RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 5, 2012 12:11 PM

        I just picked some up at Costco. I'll let you know how they are later!

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        1. re: master815k
          RhonelyInsanediego RE: master815k Oct 5, 2012 12:26 PM

          Thanks. Which Costco location? Were they live and local?

          1. re: RhonelyInsanediego
            master815k RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 6, 2012 11:24 AM

            Mission Valley costco. I only bought the tails.

          2. re: master815k
            rogue99 RE: master815k Oct 10, 2012 02:58 PM

            Right down the street! How much were the tails at Costco?

            1. re: rogue99
              master815k RE: rogue99 Oct 10, 2012 04:31 PM

              I think they were $14.99 for the two. It's been a week and my old memory is failing. They were delicious too!

              1. re: master815k
                rogue99 RE: master815k Oct 10, 2012 04:52 PM

                Great! I think I will pick up a couple!

          3. RhonelyInsanediego RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 5, 2012 12:26 PM

            I guess PLSF has them as well, but I was hoping to find live local lobbys for sale somewhere north of there.

            1. Fake Name RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 10, 2012 04:16 PM

              Catalina Offshore.

              1. m
                MrKrispy RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 15, 2012 04:33 PM

                Anyone ever buy lobsters from one of the local Asian markets? If so will they kill and prep them for you? I don't have the nerves to kill them humanely, but they are soooo tasty with some butter x|

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                1. re: MrKrispy
                  cstr RE: MrKrispy Oct 15, 2012 04:47 PM

                  I you wish to be humane, you can put them in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes, it'll slowly lull them to a deep rest. You can also start them out in the pot with cold water and by the time it's to a roaring boil they'll have long been gone.

                  1. re: MrKrispy
                    Rodzilla RE: MrKrispy Oct 16, 2012 12:38 AM

                    You don't want to do that, they will lose water and the meat will become dry.

                    If you want a more "humane" way of killing them, pierce the head with a knife before boiling.


                    1. re: Rodzilla
                      RhonelyInsanediego RE: Rodzilla Oct 16, 2012 07:20 AM

                      Avoid the boiling all together and steam them for more moist and tasty lobby.

                      1. re: RhonelyInsanediego
                        cstr RE: RhonelyInsanediego Oct 16, 2012 07:22 AM

                        Yes, that's how I cook them, keeps the meat quite moist.

                      2. re: Rodzilla
                        cstr RE: Rodzilla Oct 16, 2012 07:25 AM

                        Somehow, I can't invision MrKrispy doing that.

                        1. re: cstr
                          Fake Name RE: cstr Oct 16, 2012 02:00 PM

                          Kind of a Honkman thing.

                          <sorry ; )>

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