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Oct 5, 2012 11:12 AM

Westmalle, Orval or other Belgian imports in GTA?

I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Belgian beers that are not carried by the LCBO.

Looking for Westmalle Tripel and Orval, but open to trying others.


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  1. Both Westmalle and Orval are brought in by Esprit Agencies (who don't have a web presence!).

    211 Fairview Avenue

    Postal Code:
    M6P 3A6

    Toronto ON

    Phone #:

    1. You have to orderin case quantities from Esprit, as in 24 bottles.

      Westmalle and Orval are carried as seasonal release by LCBO occasionally (ie. once every year or two).

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      1. re: aser

        +1 to what Aser said the last year selection of Belgian Beer even brought a smile to the most jaded of us. Westmalle was actually even less expensive here than US!
        I haven't seen Orval at LCBO though.
        If you are unable to procure em I would say try one of these Beer focused spots as that scene has heated up with Bar Hop, Beer Bistro, Volos, Town Crier carrying hard to find stuff.
        If you are Tripel luver like I can't get over La Fin Du Monde as it can go toe to toe with the best of the best. Also worth a mention LA TRAPPE as I saw some bottles of the tripel at the LCBO near ACC.

      2. Just wanted to comment that Orval is currently at the LCBO.

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        1. re: timeo

          Yeah picked up a few bottles from LCBO near Maple Leaf Square. Must say its not one of my fav trappist beers.

          1. re: elvisahmed

            if you're walking in expecting a dubbel/tripel/quad, then no.

            Orval's beauty lies in its funk, the brettanomyces. It's quite possibly my fav beer of all time.

            1. re: aser

              My guess is many beer lovers would place Orval as an all time fave. Obviously beer and mussels is a classic, but Orval and mussels is heaven. Orval and lobster is also very good.

              1. re: dubchild

                I haven't had the Orval yet, but I recently tried the Gulden Draak and the Nostradamus, both Belgian Strong Darks. Would you place Orval in a similar category taste-wise? I wasn't wild about either of the GD or Nostradamus - tastes too much like coke for me...

                1. re: timeo

                  I Liked GD but not Nostradamus.
                  Beer like food is personal to each his own. Among the current selection at LCBO I would try say Witches Brew is decent. Orval though highly rated is OK IMO taste profile is lighter than the 2 you mentioned.

                  1. re: timeo

                    Orval is quite different from gulden draak; it's dry, hoppy, and earthy.

                    Also, orval fans probably already know this, but beer bistro has 4 vintages of orval on its menu.

                    1. re: timeo

                      orval is very far removed from those two, the funk and sourness tang makes you want to keep drinking. Whereas both Gulden Draaak (thumbs way up) and Nostradamus (thumbs down) are quite heavy/spicy. Definitely a one and done kind of beer.

                      Gulden Draak ages quite nicely, I have a few bottles that are several years old. Unfortunately lcbo didn't get many so after a month and a half of release they're pretty much all gone.

                      Another new release of note is La Buteuse by Trou Du Diable. Perhaps my fav Canadian brewery. Their product is even hard to get in Quebec.

                2. re: elvisahmed

                  Orval is available at the LCBO in Leaside. Never tasted the stuff but for some reason I recall seeing it there this afternoon.