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Oct 5, 2012 11:04 AM

Polish Restaurants Near Parsippany

Does anyone know of any restaurants that serve Polish food near Parsippany? Looking for a place potentially for lunch. Thanks in advance!

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    1. I can't think of any place in Parsippany...but 15-20 minutes east in Elwood Park and Garfield, with easy access on and off Interstate Route 80, offers you these two options.

      1. A great place for a Polish lunch is the Road House Deli at 710 Myrtle Ave. in Boonton (yes, next to the bowling alley). Not a formal restaurant, but decent, cheap Polish food served by some very agreeable people. Just about 5 miles north of Parsippany. There is also a Polish deli on Boonton Ave. called Polish Smak which I need to check out.

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          Polish Smak is a really great deli for breakfast sandwiches and lunch . They have a smaller selection then Piast of hot dishes. They hit all the high notes. The hero bread they use on their sandwiches is above the norm. I've taken home the stuffed cabbage and was very satisfied, plus the women who work there are very nice.

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            Polska Smak.... agreed. I was in there yesterday , kielbasa sandwich and chicken cutlet sandwich for my friend. Sauerkrat soup which was amongst the best I've had and an order of Bigos which i'm eating today. This palce flatout has great food. Plenty of styles of kielbasa. The staff is very friendly.

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              Is the Boonton location owned and operated by the same proprietors as the Butler/Kinnelon location?

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                I believe we are talking about the same place. The only location I am aware of is the corner of Boonton Ave and Rt. 23 S. in that little strip mall by that huge Ford dealership on 23.

        2. polish restaurant??? gotta go to the Polish capitol of nj,thats wallington,believe their is 2 in this mile square town,the town itself is forgetable

          1. Polski Smak on Rt 23 in Butler isn't an eat in restaurant, but it's an outstanding Polish deli. They have hot meals for take out and their kielbasi is as good as any I've had. And their bigos is heavenly.