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Oct 5, 2012 10:57 AM

Where to buy non Asian pinenuts? SF area

I have not had a problem with TJ's pinenuts but want to buy non Asian pinenuts; don't want to cause any distress to dinner guests.

Also, I've been making my own chicken stock from a recipe from "The Seventh Daughter" by Cecilia Chiang, great book. Did you know her son, Philip, is P.F. Chang? She was on KGO radio not long ago when this was mentioned. I only went to her wonderful Mandarin restaurant about twice; wish I'd gone more often. Remarkable story.

I need a bigger pot than my big pasta pot but don't want one so big I can't lift it. Any recs? I was thinking of hitting Economy Restaurant Supply.

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  1. I keep my eye out for pine nuts from Italy but have not seen any in several years.

    If you live in SF, try Forest for pots. Cheaper than Trimark / Economy.

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    1. We here on the East Coast can get non-Asian pine nuts in a local supermarket chain Shop Rite. I think I have also seen them at Whole Foods. I know you do not have Shop Rite out in CA, but have you checked your larger supermarket chains? Have you checked Whole Foods?

      1. I've purchased pine nuts from Malta at Sigona's market at Stanford Shopping Center.

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          1. I don't know where the pine nuts at Rainbow Grocery are sourced from (though I imagine they would know/share if asked) but I always apprecieate they are stored in the refrigerated section. I've never experienced pine nut syndrome (numbness), but most pine nuts taste slightly rancid to me, to the degree that I prefer to use walnuts in almost every application that called for pine nuts unless I hae verified non-rancid pine nuts.