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Oct 5, 2012 10:07 AM

All Clad Look a Like non-stick???

Long time lurker, first time poster :) My wife and I have a full set of All Clad stainless that we bought a couple of years ago...which we love. The only issue we have had is with our 12"inch non-stick. As ive read in reviews, it simply didnt last. That last thing I need is to be buying $150 all clad non-stick pans every 3-4 years. So whats the consensus on a decent quality, cheaper alternative for non-stick? My wife would like to find something that sort of matches the look.

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  1. <something that sort of matches the look.>

    How close do you want them to look alike? What about Emerilware nonstick pan? Emerialware is actually under All Clad flag, and has very similar design and is cheaper. It has a ProClad line, a disc bottom copper line, a hard anodized aluminum line...etc:

    Some examples:

    I also think Calphalon and Cuisinart cookware look similar to All Clad from a distance.

    You can always go to HomeGoods and TJ MAxx for a few nonstick pans for under $20 each.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Thanks Chemical. Emerilware looks like a decent option, but they only have an 8" non-stick. Too bad they dont make more sizes. Thanks Again!!

      1. re: VPALLARI

        <they only have an 8" non-stick>

        Yeah, you are right that it seems that they only have the 8" nonstick for the stainless version. However, they have the 10" nonstick for the hard anodized version, which is the third link from my previous post.

        Regardless, good luck looking for a good option.

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      1. call AllClad
        Historically their 12" non-stick is a pan with a LIFETIME WARRANTY,one of the reasons that pan is so highly rated is the warranty.

        send in old.......receive new

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        1. re: lcool

          All Clad nonstick is horrible; the nonstick coating just peels away (in less than one year of CAREFUL use). They did, however, honor their warranty and replaced it with a conventional (without the nonstick coating) pan of similar shape/size.

          1. re: eliz553

            I was all about the warranty before $$$ gets spent elsewhere.If you get equal value back,you are not out the$$$$,cost of pan.Their policy will often let you switch to ANY pan of equal or lesser value.

        2. As far as I know there isn't a miracle nonstick surface that will last a life time. All-Clad's nonstick will eventually deteriorate just like every nonstick pan. So your next pan is expected to be replaced every few years.

          Nobody's found the "Holy Grail" yet...

          The only way to extend nonstick is to use it less. Use it only for foods that require it.