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Oct 5, 2012 09:30 AM

Seoul Sausage to Open Saturday

I hear Seoul Sausage opens Saturday on Mississippi and Sawtelle. Anyone going to try it out? Perfect timing, as it's also in our Neighborhood of the Month!


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  1. and, while I'll be working, I'll be thinking of all you face stuffing sausage lovers with pure envy... ;-D>

    1. I assume these are the same Seoul Sausage guys who won the Food Truck Race...correct? What happened to their food truck concept? Did they give it up in favor of a restaurant?

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      1. re: josephnl

        Yes, it is the Food Truck Race winners. Not sure if the truck will be totally replaced. Excited to try it, though! And oops to Servorg, thanks for showing the link, I see your older post about it now. Let's hope some of us can share on how it is very, very soon!

        1. re: CLowe

          can't wait. i watched that show and thought it was pretty silly and staged but i ended up rooting for those guys. i guess it was an LA thing. i was hoping they keep the truck concept. i'm assuming they expanded their repertoire beyond rice balls.