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Oct 5, 2012 08:57 AM

Is buying an old Cuisinart Food processor base worth it?

Will the cost of replacement blades, bowl, etc. make me regret the good "deal" on an old base (DLC-10E, 7cup)?

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  1. The last Cuisinart I purchased--a mini processor still in its original packaging--cost me all of $7. I wanted a new one but couldn't justify the $30+ price so I haunted the second hand stores for months. My patience paid off with the brand new one.

      1. re: letsindulge

        Dunno. It was sitting on the counter in a $6mm mansion during the sale of some of it's contents. I suspect they'll quote something like $25. But I don't want to spend even half of that if the replacement pieces cost 4 times that. Unless someone tells me that the motors on the old ones are forever and therefore worth it.

      2. Bought myself a Cuisinart FP several years ago... after going thru several cheaper brands. My frugal bones were EXTREMELY happy with the difference in performance... worth the price.

        Then a few years later, found one at a thrift store for $8!! Had all the blades, in good shape, no cracks, ran well. Figured... an extra bowl and replacement blades, if I needed. Ended up it was the next model UP from what I already had! Also found a mini one at a thrift store... still in box for a few bucks... use it enough to keep it on counter all the time.

        1. I have gone through several used Cuisinarts, replaced because the bowl or the motor housing cracked. I would not buy a base alone because the places that sell the bowls and blades charge an arm, a leg, and a shoulder for the parts. The last used one I had did have some problems with the motor slipping, so I was fine with replacing it with my Yard Sale Hall of Fame Purchase: New, in the original box, all original wrapping, never used Cuisinart for $30. The model was about 10 years old, but had never been taken out of its box. Works just great.
          I will say that I always hand wash the bowls - the quickest way for the plastic to crack and deteriorate is to wash them in the dishwasher.

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            I have always put the bowls in my dishwasher and never had one crack.

            1. re: escondido123

              You are lucky. My experience has been quite different with the old bowls and the heat of the dishwasher. As with anything, YMMV. In my dishwasher, a 15 year old used Cuisinart bowl cracks after 4-6 months of the typical heavy use I give them.