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Oct 5, 2012 08:50 AM

Brunch at the NoMad - suggestions?

Two of us going on Sunday. I'm definitely getting the Chicken Sandwich, and from a previous thread I read that the Squash with Truffles is a standout as well. Any other signatures? Probably looking for a brunch item and another side.

Interestingly, shoestring fries, pork belly, and mushrooms are three of my gf's favourite things...


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  1. Get the belly!

    And if you are having a "beverage" with your brunch I highly recommend the Caesar Bloody Mary and The Sherry Bloody Mary, soooo good.

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      Not a drinker (and not really by choice - a Bloody Mary would knock me out for the rest of the day). I wonder if the Milk & Honey dessert (or any dessert, really) is available during brunch hours?

      1. re: kyph0515

        The Milk & Honey dessert wasn't offered when I had brunch in June--actually, none of the dinner desserts were offered at brunch. However, the dessert cart from the "old" EMP lunch menu was back in service. One of my favorite desserts was being offered again: the kouign amann--so delicious! I believe there was also a lemon tart, a chocolate caramel tart, a giant macaron filled with custard and raspberries--can't remember what else since I zeroed in on the kouign amann.

        1. re: kyph0515

          Their non alcoholic cocktails are awesome and well worth getting

        1. re: Tommy D.

          The duck was wonderful; I had the duck when I had dinner at The NoMad back in April.

        2. We ended up getting the Chicken Sandwich and the Eggs Benedict, with Roasted Squash and Smoked Pork Belly as sides.

          The sandwich wonderful - not as heavy as I had expected, but the foie definitely came through. Juicy, tender chicken on fluffy brioche. The deep fried chicken skin was a hit with the gf as well.

          The Benedict was good - but for $22 I was hoping for a more generous helping of crab meat.

          The squash was interesting, although I have to say I can't make heads or tails out of the truffle sauce. Is it supposed to be some kind of mustard? The spiciness was absent, though.

          The smoked belly was perhaps the least memorable. Cooked well and tasted fine, if a little lonely (two strips of belly accompanied by a couple of prunes).

          Service was efficient. We sat in the Atrium at the table closest to the entrance (and therefore closest to the servers hustling about with the beverages. Slightly distracting, but not a big deal. Dessert was not offered to us (we were reasonably full anyway, but I might have liked to take a glance at the selections).

          Overall, a solid experience, and I got my chicken/truffles/foie gras fix.

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          1. re: kyph0515

            Definitely have to return to The NoMad for the chicken sandwich! BTW, did you notice whether the dessert trolley/cart was being wheeled around? Thanks for your report.

            1. re: ellenost

              I did not. The couple next to us began the meal before we did and I didn't hear desserts being offered to them, either. And I saw nothing being served that would resemble sweets.

          2. did brunch here on Saturday actually, our table we got the chicken, the lobster pasta, duck and the eggs benny. and the squash. The squash dish was good, the truffle-ness came from a nut like puree on the bottom. All the dishes were solid and the parlour room was open on saturday. I would come back here for the chicken sammich, it comes with a side salad that is topped with fried skins. Wow.

            Unfortunately, brunch they offer only one dessert and at the time, it was described as a rich, buttery, butter cake. Passed on that, come back for dinner to do a proper dessert. Did the get the pastry basket, it was pretty good, chocolate croissant, regular crossaint, slices of a walnut raisin bread and a crumble cake, 2 jams and a butter.

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            1. re: jester99

              The "rich, buttery, butter cake" sounds like the Kouign Amann (at least I hope so since it's my favorite).

              1. re: ellenost

                ehh, didnt make that connection in the restaurant and was more sad that there was a full on dessert menu because I really wanted to try their desserts. Oh well, strangely enough, later that day i stopped at Dominque Ansel and got a Kouign Amann.

            2. Has anyone had the pancake or the croque-madame at brunch?

              I've been for dinner (loved it) and am returning for brunch on Saturday with three others. We are definitely getting the chicken sandwich and I have my eye on a few things, such as the duck (if it's anything like the EMP duck, I'm sold), the croque, the squash and truffles side, the pancake, cauliflower, and possibly repeating that tagliatelle we had when we went for dinner. Does anyone know if they make their croissants in-house? Is it worth ordering, or should we save space for something else?

              Last question - is there really only the one dessert option at brunch?? Does anyone know if it is indeed the kouign amann?

              Thanks so much!

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              1. re: j.jessica.lee

                I had the pancake. It isone thick pancake, almost like a Dutch version, cooked with blueberries and dusted with confection sugar. It's dry and no syrup will be provided. It was kind of a let down imho.

                I don't get the big hullabalo about the chicken sandwich. It's just looks different with the brioche and cost different with the hig price tag, but it didn't wow me.

                Great service, though.

                1. re: RCC

                  Thanks for the reply! We had a lovely brunch there. Got the benedict, chicken sandwich, viennoiseries, squash, and pork belly. I would return for the chicken sandwich and then try other things, like the duck and the pancake and cauliflower, and have the tagliatelle again. Service was surprisingly mediocre again, and at times, verging on bad. Such a disappointment considering the great things happening in the kitchen. Still, a wonderful brunch and definitely one I'd return for. You can read more in depth on my blog: