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Oct 5, 2012 08:40 AM

Grocery Outlet October 2012

Fantastic cured meat deal! This is the real deal, full nitrate cancer-causing stuff. This is high fat, more like sopressata and softer in texture.

Beretta 8 oz sticks of artisan salame in 2 flavors

Salame piccante (this stuff is quite hot and I love spicy food)
Salame with whole fennel (not all that fennely, actually)

These land in between a Columbus/Margherita stick and a true overly upscale artisan brand that would be $15-20 for 8oz

I recommend both highly. Fantastic deal at $1.99 normally selling at $8.99 (not that I've ever seen the brand anywhere).

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Berkeley. Saw it in Oakland and Pleasant Hill, too, so I think this one should be at most stores.

      1. re: runner0382

        Thanks! Sounds yummy and a great deal.

    2. Grocery Outlet, Oakland (10/3 & 4)


      - $16.99, Trago Reposado Tequila 100% Blue Agave, 750 ml. bottle. I got two bottles and am going back for more.

      - $3.99, Martens Belgian Pilsener, 4x16.9 oz. cans. better than almost anything else in this style I've had at this price range.

      - $1.29, Vitasoy Oat and Quinoa drink, 32 oz. tetrapak, non-gmo and produced in Canada. Quinoa, like soy, is a complete protein. No added sugar but it has cocoa notes and a slight chalkiness which appeals to me more than the forced creaminess of some of the other nut/grain drinks. There is a slight sweetness that might be a result of a listed ingredient, amylase, that according to wikipedia, breaks down starches and imparts a sweet taste in the mouth. An interesting product.

      - $2.99, Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard 2006 Red, 750 ml. bottle
      - $3.99, Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard 2006 Zinfandel, 750 ml. bottle
      A review of the zin with a few mentions of the red:

      Deli Section

      - $2.99, Sabra Hummus 10 oz. plastic carton attached to a free 8 oz. carton of Sabra Babaganoush with tahini.

      - 2/$1.00, Oikos Organic Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt, 5.3 oz. carton, best by 10/23. I will get this anytime I see it.


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      1. re: zippo

        Looks like time to stock up on Tequila!

      2. Just back from the GO in South San Fran.

        They do have the Beretta salame in both flavors as mentioned above. Bought one of each.

        Items that interested me:

        3.52oz. bars of Toblerone Swiss Dark Chocolate bars for $0.99 (never seen Toblerone in dark chocolate before)
        16oz. jars of Wofgang Puck Arrabbiata pasta sauce for $0.99
        23.5oz. jars of Archer Farms Organic Cabernet pasta sauce for $1.99
        23.5oz. jars of Archer Farms Roasted Red Pepper pasta sauce for $1.79
        3 red bell peppers for $0.99
        16oz. jar of Hershey's Special Dark Hot Fudge Topping for $1.49

        Wines of interest:

        Hidden Cellars 2007 Mendocino Petite Sirah for $3.99 (drink now!)
        Reale Vitae 2011 Sangiovese del Rubicone for $4.99 (from Italy)
        Cayalla Columbia Valley Red Table Wine 2005 for $3.99 (yes, probably over the hill!)
        Chateau Fourques 2011 Languedoc for $5.99

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        1. re: DavidT

          The Wolfgang Puck sauce is pretty good -- I bought some at the 99 cents store a while back. IIRC the ingredient list doesn't have anything I don't have in my kitchen.

          Today at Oakland:

          Both flavors of the salami mentioned above, plus a "rustico" version

          "Three year vintage gouda" random weight pieces (mpst around half a pound) for $7.99/lb. NIce butterscotch notes and lots of crystals. No producer evident. Label says "Imported by Best Cheese Company" by not where it was produced.

          Stocked up on the tequila -- they have quite a bit. Also bought some raspberry lemongrass juice, which is making a nice mixer with the tequila and some Dole watermelon agua fresca (99 cents) and limes (10/$1). Watermelon margueritas for brunch tomorrow!

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Love the WP sauce, especially the Arrabiata. 99 Cents only had that and the 4 Cheese recently. I especially appreciate the minimal amount of additive and preservative.

            How is that tequila? A 100% blue agave should be a no brainer at that price!

            1. re: runner0382

              I like it quite a bit. Sort of fruity. and faintly smoky.

              1. re: ourswimmer

                Thanks for weighing in. Should be a quality spirit, and strangely, I've noticed that most tequilas smooth out as you sip them.

                1. re: ourswimmer

                  That debate forced me to crack open the Trago Reposado I bought at the Oakland store (still available as of this Sunday) and other than finding the decorative lid a bit annoying I think this is a great buy for $16.99. It is very smooth, at first I though a bit too much so, but the fruity flavors grew on me.

          2. Thanks everyone for not leaving any Beretta salami at the Berkeley store. :-)
            I did buy the three-year-aged Gouda at $8 a pound. It's tasty., And I found a nice corkscrew for $1, so I'll be able to enjoy some Sierra Foothils wine I bought on the way to the Bay Area with the Giants game today as I watch on TV.

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            1. re: SteveTimko

              There were still quite a few of the picante 2 Sundays ago. Someone posted that there were still some in Oakland last week.

              It was good, but that good. The only stick salami I ever eat is the small cacciatore (Molinari?) that they sell at Genova Deli and I like that a lot better.

              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                WINE ALERT: Today at Oakland:

                2009 Mazzocco Sonoma County Dry Creek Zinfandel: $12.99!!! 15.6% ABV
                Wine Searcher average price: $21

                Cellar Tracker review: Tasted by Richard Jennings on 1/28/2012 & rated 87 points: 2012 ZAP: Grand Tasting and K&L Tasting; 1/20/2012-1/28/2012 (The Concourse, San Francisco, and K&L, Redwood City, California): Tart black fruit nose; tart black fruit, berry palate; medium-plus finish (1468 views)

                Looks like only 4 cases, so don't wait. It's towards the front of the aisle on the top shelf.

                2010 Vitae Springs Vineyard Willamette Valley Estate Riesling: $4.99: 10% ABV
                (2011 is retailing for $20)
                Volcanic soils and some of the first Riesling vines planted in the Willamette Valley (1978).

                No, I haven't tasted them yet, just going by the reputation and website/label information.

                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                  I picked up a fennel yesterday in Oakland. There were like 3-4 left.

                  1. re: ML8000

                    The Beretta Salame Finocchiona is growing on me. The 2nd time I had slices off the stick it more flavorful and rich probably due to letting it come to room temp. It was even better last night cubed and added with quartered figs from my tree to leftover yellow brandywine tomato sauce.

                    I bought 2 of the fennel and 1 of the rustico and am wishing I had bought more. The price was right.

              2. Petaluma today:

                Clover organic salted butter, $3.49/lb
                Large selection of Alvarado St Bakery breads, 1 lb, $2.19
                Frumex Tepache, 12 oz bottles, 39ยข

                Also noticed large stock of Circulon, Kitchenaid and Rachel Ray cookware, mostly half-off MSRP.