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Oct 5, 2012 08:37 AM

October Toronto Underground Market

A heads up for those that have missed out before on tickets, tickets went on sale this morning and still seem to be available for the October TUM:

Event is on Saturday October 20th

Tickets work out to $18.93 with all taxes, service fees/etc.

Parking is $8 flat rate or you can take free shuttle buses (which get pretty busy). If you decide to go, I recommend getting there about 30 minutes before doors open. Was a huge line at that point when I went last time even. If you go any later you probably won't have any luck finding a parking spot.

I really enjoyed the 1 year anniversary TUM, I probably won't be going on a monthly basis because of the ticket price but last time they included a loot bag (because of 1 year TUM birthday I guess) that had some great coupons/deals from vendors to be used after TUM.

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