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Oct 5, 2012 07:23 AM

Any uses for hibiscus flowers besides tea?

Stopped in the local South American supermarket and on an impulse, bought a giant bag of dried hibiscus flowers for under a dollar. Now I'm not sure what they would be appropriate for? Or will I just be making gallons of tea?

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    1. re: coll

      This is using the hibiscus flowers from Austrailia. They come in a jar with sugar syrup and are edible
      1 tsp lemon juice
      1 1/2 jigger passionfruit vodka
      1-2 tsp hibiscus flower syrup
      Shake together with ice like a martini
      Pour into a martini glass
      Drop a hibiscus flower in the drink
      Drink the drink, eat the flower

      1. re: rexster314

        I wonder if i could just infuse some vodka with these, and serve with passionfruit juice? Jamaican martini!

      1. re: Zalbar

        Unfortunately I got rid of my ice cream maker when I moved. But there must be some other desserts that would benefit from it?

      2. Jelly/Jam (serve over a block of cream cheese with a good grind of pepper with some crackers or crostini)


        You could make a granita or sorbet without an ice cream maker

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        1. re: Cherylptw

          Ah this has been the summer of learning to make jam for me, this is the best idea yet (although I'd probably also have a hibiscus cocktail while putting it up!)

          1. re: coll

            Now that I think of it, this "jam" would be good over a savory cheesecake served the same way (with crackers, etc) and why stop there, why not fill crepes with it and maybe a bit of marscapone or a sprinkling of cojita cheese and a dusting of powdered sugar to garnish. Or spread some hot biscuits with it and sandwich a piece of country ham. Perhaps even make a shortcake with it of biscuits, mascerated berries and hibiscus jam/jelly. Take that a step further and make a trifle of sponge cake, hibiscus pudding or pastry cream and some fresh fruit.

        2. This is really a use of the tea, but I've been brewing the flowers, chilling the tea, and making a drink with hibiscus tea, tequilla, lime juice, sugar to taste, and a few shots of cholula hot sauce. Delicious with a kick.

          I'm considering trying this recipe for the Home Cooking Dish of the Month: Hibiscus flower enchiladas. Haven't tried it yet though.

          1. Pati Jinich gives four recipes including spinach with a hibiscus vinagrette, steak tacos with a hibicus and japeno syrup, hibiscus popsicles,and hibiscus water. (She uses the word Jamaica for what we call hibiscus)


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            1. re: shallots

              Wow, what a great link shallots! Thanks for posting that.
              I forgot about popsicles. I made jamaica paletas last summer. Very refreshing!

              1. re: shallots

                Thank you so much! Now I'm sorry I didn't get more.....