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Oct 3, 2012 01:11 AM

Extra Virgin [Kansas City MO]

What are your favorites at Extra Virgin? Thinking of having lunch there (during happy hour).

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  1. If it is ever back on the menu, the pork and black beans are delicious. The mushroom and cheese empanadas are great and I love the hummus and the greek salad. I have had the octopus twice - the first time it was fabulous and the second time dry and overcooked. The fig stuffed chicken thighs are good - not too overwhelming, but nice sauce.

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      Thanks for the details. Hope I can squeeze it in on friday. Seems like a deal and its not far from my destination.

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        The menu changes often. I haven't been there in a month or so, but the last time I was the wood-fired octopus was not on. Neither were the empenadas nor the pork and black beans (which i have not tried -- sounds yummy!).

      2. I have eaten just about the entire menu at EV (although it does change frequently). It is my favorite restaurant in KC. Here are my thoughts:

        * The duck tongue tacos are iconic, and a great conversation item. Unfortunately they are not part of the happy hour pricing, but they are well worth it.
        * My favorite dish is the bone marrow with banana peppers and shallots.
        * The pork belly is great -- they change up the glaze frequently. Right now I believe it is guajillo, a mild chili.
        * The fried duck gizzards are amazing, but the hot sauce is pretty spicy.
        * The chickpea fries have a texture like polenta, fried into these thick strips, served with a mustardy sauce
        * I like the snail and prosciutto raviolis a lot
        * The chorizo and fig-stuffed thighs are a bit sweet for me, but I know a lot of people who love them.
        * The mussels are a great happy hour deal, as is the hangar steak.

        If I am not very hungry, I'll usually order the cheese plate and a bowl of olives. At happy hour that's just $10. Love it!

        1. Melanie - did you make it? How was it?

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            Yes! SFLisa and 2roadsdiverge gave great advice. I have many photos and should post details. The happy hour pricing at lunch is a huge deal, especially coming from the Bay Area. And I had an exceptional server, not expected at lunch time.