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Oct 5, 2012 04:54 AM

All-Clad introduces B3 cookware...

Exclusive to Bed Bath & Beyond. It's an anodized, induction capable, dishwasher safe, nonstick line that should have been part of the Emerilware line. Is that still around? I'm surprised they slapped the All-Clad name on this. It says All-Clad but doesn't look like All-Clad as handles are different. It's still pricey like All-Clad but there are some cheaper intro pieces. I can understand them wanting to expand into different markets, but they are cheapening and diluting their brand name by doing so. At least that's my opinion. It doesn't say anything about being PFOA or PTFE free. This type of nonstick is being banned soon, but there is a lifetime warranty on it. It's strange it's ready for an upcoming surge in induction but it doesn't use the safer nonstick. Calphalon too just introduced a premium nonstick line using the old nonstick.


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  1. "Calphalon too just introduced a premium nonstick line using the old nonstick."

    Was it Calphalon or was it Cuisinart? I recall seeing hard anodized induction ready set at BB&B but I can't remember the brand. But I did find this... Cuisinart® DSI Induction Ready Hard Anodized 12-Piece:


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      I am sure most of the cookware companies have premium nonstick lines using PTFE (Teflon), and All Clad has always made nonstick cookware as part of its other lines, like the d5 or the MC2...etc.


      It may not have an entire line dedicated to nonstick. Maybe not..... I may have to look back the All Clad history.

      As for Calphalon, a few years back it had the Calphalon Infused One which is technically a nonstick line which isn't really nonstick. It is currently having the Unison, which is its high end nonstick series. It has several other nonstick series as well.


      PTFE (known as Teflon) is extremely safe. People have been using PTFE for coowkare, for packaging...etc over decades and decades, and it has as safe as a record as any other cookware. It has also been used for implant body parts in human. It is definitely not getting banned.

    2. Hi, Blondelle:

      Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the consent decree only bans PFOA (the release agent), not PTFE linings.

      Where's mikie when we need him?


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        Yes, I think you're right, but PTFE is Teflon and it has gotten a bad wrap too. I found this on it.

        "When PTFE heats up, it releases toxic gasses that have been linked to cancer, organ failure, reproductive damage, and other harmful health effects."

        Teflon is responsible for killing birds exposed to it. Can't be too good for you either.

        1. re: blondelle

          Hi, blondelle:

          You're preaching to the choir with me. While I'm not sure your quote is good science, I am no fan of Teflon/PTFE, and believe that the science and epidemiology have not caught up with its use. I was merely responding to your inference that A-C would not be able to honor its warranty of these non-stick pans by replacing them.

          When I researched the issue of the "ban" awhile back, I learned that PFOA was allowed until 2014 so as to let the manufacturers transition to another (more expensive, I bet) release agent. I believe many have already done so, because I know I've seen companies touting nonstick that is "PFOA-Free!" Perhaps A-C has already made the switch.

          I'm staying as far away from nonstick as I can.


          1. re: kaleokahu

            I happened to be in BB & B today and looked at the cookware. It says it is PFOA free. Why they never mentioned this strong selling point in their e-mail or their website is beyond me. The cookware is a good weight and has some semblance to the A-C handles but it looks like an A-C wanna be and didn't look like the price they are asking. I would never buy it but I guess there's a customer for it somewhere.

            1. re: blondelle

              Were the handles better or worse than the usual terrible A-C handles?

              1. re: kaleokahu

                I didn't even try them. They looked like the Emerilware handles which a lot of people found comfortable. I just feel if they are putting their name on it, it should be consistent with the rest of the line. Maybe be called LTD3 with the same handles. What they are doing is confusing. It's a status price point without the status of looking like real A-C.

                1. re: blondelle

                  Hi, blondelle:

                  I really don't care (managed to bypass A-C all these years), but nearly *everyone* here bitches about A-C's handles, even the folks who love A-C and wouldn'teva buy anything else. Wouldn't "Emerilware handles" be an improvement?

                  Clad, like CI, is a tough biz to be in. EVERYBODY knocks you off, co-opts you. Whatcha gonna do? I'm not likely to buy non-stick, but if it's thick aluminum and works well, why get all bound up about the A-C name and that it's discounted? You have me arguing for the other side here, but if it's anodized aluminum and truly induction compatible, that's no small feat. Or are you just lamenting the usual "brand maturation" that happens with most companies when they're grown, manipulated and sold to harvest the maximum profit? If so, I agree, but a pan's a pan.