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Oct 5, 2012 02:14 AM

Veggie dinner ideas please!


I wondered if anyone could give me some inspiration please....

I am vegetarian and have gotten stuck in a bit of a rut when I make dinner.

Would you please be able to give me your favourite veggie recipe that contains beans or lentils?

All I have been making lately is mexican chilli or dahl!


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  1. Red Lentil Sloppy Joe's

    Quick and easy, slightly junk food-y and tasty.

    1. I make a sort of green lentil dish cooked in the style of risotto. Saute in a bit of olive oil, diced carrots, celery and onion. When that is ready, add some tomato paste and let that brown up slightly and then some red wine. Then toss in the lentils and slowly pour in some hot broth (you can use veggie broth or sometimes if I'm in a rush, I will use a mixture of Vegeta (a Eastern European buoillion type product) and water.
      Then cook the lentils at a simmer and whenever the broth is almost fully absorbed, add a few more ladles of broth. Continue until the lentils are tender (about 20-25 minutes).
      The lentils break up a bit and become creamy and I find it so comforting on a cold night.

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        That's tonight's dinner - thanks! Have a half bottle of wine I need to use so this is perfect.

      2. - baked white beans in tomato sauce
        - lentils or lima beans with feta and mint
        - falafel
        - black bean (or chickpea) burgers
        - Moroccan spiced chickpea tagine
        - bean enchiladas
        - vegetarian cassoulet
        - quinoa pilaf with black beans & corn ( i like this with a lime or red wine vinegar dressing & plenty of cilantro)
        - three sisters salad - butternut squash, beans & corn - dressed lightly with spicy apple cider vinaigrette and topped with crumbled feta or goat cheese

        1. So many online sources for inspiration, I hardly know where to start.
          Subscribe to a few blogs, look at vegetarian menus (or even non-veg, and adapt!).
          Here's one source, but there are tons:

          1. I have found some very nice recipes on the Martha Stewart Whole Living site.