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Oct 5, 2012 02:13 AM

Vegetarian recipe's with beans?


I wondered if anyone could give me some inspiration please....

I am vegetarian and have gotten stuck in a bit of a rut when I make dinner.

Would you please be able to give me your favourite veggie recipe that contains beans or lentils?

All I have been making lately is mexican chilli or dahl!


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  1. Do you like chickpeas? Easy to do delicious, veggie meals with those. I like making chana masala with canned chickpeas, a little tomato paste, onion, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander etc. (I usually just improvise but there are plenty or recipes on line and you can pick one that's most to your taste.) and eating that with rice and yogurt. I also make a kind of North African chickpea stew based on canned chickpeas, harissa, tomato paste, lots of garlic, cumin, and whatever else I feel like and eating that with couscous.

    A lot of my bean dishes use a little bit of meat for flavor, but you can make veggie versions easily. Red beans and rice--saute some very finally diced onion, celery, and green bell pepper in olive oil with a few cloves of minced garlic, a few bay leaves and dried thyme. Cayenne pepper is traditional but I've always liked to use Spanish smoked paprika. This is a particularly good idea when you're not getting the smokiness from the pork product you would normally be using in red beans. A bottle of chipotle tabasco sauce is also your friend here. Add soaked red beans and water, and cook, mashing some of the beans against the side of the pot, until the beans are tender and tasty.

    Same with refried beans. Replace the bacon fat or lard with olive oil and it's just soaked pinto beans, garlic, a hot or smoked pepper of your choice, plenty of black pepper and salt. You can eat them in tacos with any toppings you want or with rice or cornbread.

    1. White beans w spinach and sun-dried tomatoes
      Orecchiette w white beans and broccoli rabe
      Braised escarole w beans
      Pinto beans with chipotle in adobo and roasted garlic
      Pinto beans and rice
      Creole Baked Beans
      Boston Baked Beans
      Hoppin' John

      To name a few. I Love beans...!

      1. I sometimes will use cannellini beans in place of pasta. Perhaps there are some recipes calling for say, ground beef where you could sub chickpeas. Also, think of adding beans or chickpeas to salads. I add chickpeas to Smitten Kitchen's Mediterranean Pepper Salad which makes for a great meal in itself.

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          my vegetarian friend cooked this for me a while ago, or something similar, I don't have the exact recipe (her's had kidney beans and lentils in it). I was unsure about beans & lentils in a lasagna, but it was good.

          she also made a really nice salad with greens, chickpeas, quinoa and roasted squash.

          The only veg dish allowed in my house (SO is a big meat eater and hates legumes) is this slow cooker coconut lentil soup. So yummy.

          While I was searching for the lasagna recipe, I came across this: might be helpful.

          I would also check out 101 cookbooks blog. She does a lot of vegetarian cooking.

        2. Parboil some beans (like white or black), then stir fry them with some chopped carrots, peas, corn and water chestnuts.

          1. I love minestrone soup with white beans, tomato, green beans, small pasta.
            black bean pumpkin soup
            squash and chickpea moroccan stew
            whole wheat pasta with bitter greens and black eyed peas
            tacos with pinto beans, vegetables and salsa ( and cheese)