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Oct 5, 2012 12:31 AM

Bistro Mezzaluna Ft. Lauderdale: comments/suggestions?

Friends picked Bistro Mezzaluna in Ft. Lauderdale for dinner this weekend. Have you been, and, if so, your thoughts/recommendations?

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  1. Lots of people like this place for southern Italian food. We don't care for their red sauce (very sweet), so that ruins it for us. Otherwise, it's pretty typical southern Italian food.

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      We haven't eaten there since they moved, but I like their snapper with crabmeat on top. Also, they have a nice arugula salad.

    2. We went last night. I wasn't expecting such a large venue, but it was nicely decorated and the tables were spread apart making it feel somewhat private. The service was very good with the waitstaff and management checking in often but not overly so. With the red sauce comment in mind, I ordered a grouper special that came sautéed in a nicely flavored wine, garlic, and a sort of weird but not too overpowering hint of nutmeg along with a variety of heirloom tomatoes. When the added side of sautéed veggies were added in, I was sorry I had ordered an appetizer, as both the app and main were very large portions. The app was a nicely grilled calamari with some greens and tomatoes drizzled with A lemon vinegarette? The others in our group had the lump crabmeat app and mozzarella/tomato salad which were ok but nothing special although also large portions. Two had the seafood pasta for mains which was a never ending bowl filled with lots of goodies in a marinara sauce and one had grilled scallops. All three of the diners really enjoyed their main courses. No one could even think about ordering dessert as we were so full. The main course prices were $35-38 dollars, so not cheap. The apps about $10-13. We agreed we'd return when looking for something Italian in that area, although if not geographically limited, I'd rather go to Casa D'Angelo for my Italian fix.