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Oct 4, 2012 10:13 PM

Maori in Auckland

Apologizes if this makes the wrong board. But I could not find a good thread of a good restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand. I am planning to staying in the beginning of March 2013 and would like to know of any good close Maori restaurants in Auckland.

Or if not, something similar or nearby.


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  1. Hi Mark
    There are a number of Maori experiences around Auckland, but mainly on guided tours. Kermadec Fine and Merediths have aspects of Maori Cuisine in their dishes. As you head further down the North Island, Rotorua has more cultural experiences. Cazador on Dominion Road has fantastic NZ game.
    Cheers Elle

    1. Probably off-topic here - I'd not tried any Maori food in NZ, but during my last trip to Auckland, I Iiked Harbourside Bar & Grill so much, I ended up there 3 times in 10 days!

      Pics of some of the food I had - my fave was the dessert: kiwifruit with pineapple glace on brioche.

      My entree was a trio of hapuka, salmon & kingfish - all perfectly cooked!

      You should also check out this website:

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        I'm living in Northland, NZ & am wondering if "Maori Food" means traditional dishes, or dishes made by modern chefs who are also Maori?

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          You've got a valid point. I think the OP may be referring to traditional Maori dishes?

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            While Harbourside restaraunt sounds like it serves delicious higher-end New Zealand food, I think that more traditional Maori "kai"/food dishes (such as hangi- assorted meats, kumura/yams, and other vegetables cooked in an under-ground pit, or bacon bones--traditionally made with kunekune pig--and watercress) could be found in Auckland.

            The Saturday morning market in Otara (in South Auckland) tends to have plates of hangi for sale, as well as kaanga wai (fermented corn) and other Maori foods as well as other non-food items such as woven hats and kete/bags.

            Also, if any Maori festivals (such as the Ngaa Puhi Festival, or the Tai Nui festivals) are on, there will be plenty of traditional kai!

            March is the harvest time here in New Zealand; the end of summer, so plenty of schools will be holding school festivals that sell hangi, fried bread and other Maori foods as fund-raisers.

            If not able to find Maori foods in Auckland, certainly Rotorua will have restaurants that sells the traditional hangi (if the OP is lucky, it will be prepared over a fire formed with manuka branches for its distinctive smokey flavour).