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Oct 4, 2012 09:40 PM

nice dinner in LA....Providence, Son of a Gun, Bazaar or Mozza?

surprising boyfriend, who is a foodie from NYC by way of a dinner in LA. He'll eat anything, loves seafood, sushi, name it. what will be the best place to take him? (I have heard good things about Mozza...but isn't that Batali? He had a bad experience at Babbo in NYC....)

thanks everyone!

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  1. Providence. Or Urasawa.

    1. I love Son of A Gun. Their linguine and clams, uni aglio-olio, chili, breadcrumbs is one amazing dish and so is their smoked steelhead roe, maple cream, pumpernickel and a must try is their great fried chicken sandwich, spicy b&b pickle slaw, rooster aioli (imagine Chick-Fil-A on steroids). Not really a romantic place but their food is wonderful.

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        Yes, SoaG is a true gem, delicious in every sense. Very casual place.

        If you want dressy and fancy, Providence is the way to go.

        Yes, Mozza is Batali/Bastianich/Silverton's. If he's from NYC, it wouldn't be as impressive to him.

        Animal is the SoaG's first place, that is meat centric and very foodie oriented. Or you can look into Michael Voltaggio's place ink, which has gotten very good reviews.

      2. Just got an e-mail from Providence that they're getting truffles in starting next week. It's my favorite "go to" restaurant....and now I'll be going soon!

          1. Hatfield's tasting menu is excellent. Son of a Gun is fantastic. Enjoy L A