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Oct 4, 2012 09:31 PM

L.A. for the weekend

Hey Chowhounders!

We're (5 of us) going to be coming down to LA from Vancouver B.C. this weekend and was hoping to get some recs on places to eat!

We arrive friday afternoon and I've got a reservation booked at Ink. We're also saving a lunch to goto the Standing Room in Redondo beach, but other than that, our dining schedule is pretty wide open.

For lunch, I'd definitely like to try some authentic taqueria shops and also some food trucks as well. On my list is Taqueria Los Anaya and Ricky's Fish Taco's, but are there any other must try taco places?
I was also wondering if there's any places that have all the food trucks congregated in an area/street. I think that would be pretty good for us to walk around and try a bit from each truck.

As for dinner, we don't really have a game plan yet. I know we'd like to stay away from Japanese food since we're over saturated with them in Vancouver. Any cool new must go to places though?

We'll be renting a car so transportation won't be a problem and we're staying by the airport so I'm guessing it'll be a drive to wherever we go anyways.

Thanks in advance for all your tips and suggestions!

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  1. This Friday night (tomorrow) is first Fridays on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice. More food trucks than you've ever seen in one place at one time. Expect very large crowds.

    Also Ricky's Fish Tacos are definitely worth the trip to Hollywood, Always check his twitter first as he opens around noon and closes when the food runs out usually around 3-4 PM.

    Welcome to LA

    1. Racion, Spago and Sotto would be my choices for new (or newish) places to try.

      1. Don't know if Red Medicine would be similar to places you have up in BC.

        I would also look into Animal, Son of a Gun, Tasting Kitchen, & Lukshon or A-Frame for some fun, interesting places to try.

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          Oooh! Son of a Gun and A-Frame stand out to me! Thanks for the tip!

          Have you guys ever tried Saap Thai for noodles? I was thinking of going there for a quick lunch one day. Thoughts?

          1. re: mh0408

            Definitely try the boat noodles at Sapp Coffee House - BUT the dark horse dish there is their jade noodles, which I felt were event better than their boat noodles.

            Heck, it's so cheap, get both! Your Canadian dollar currently goes a long way here, south of the border...

            1. re: J.L.

              Haha! I like your style! I think I might just have to order both then :)

        2. One of LA's best lunches is the incredible Pastrami at Langer's Deli near downtown LA. Hand cut heaven on rye. Open till 4pm and closed Sundays. Enjoy.

          1. Definitely First Fridays on Abbot Kinney for the food trucks. It's also a great night out, and close to LAX. Go after your dinner at Ink, you can visit the desert food trucks, there are many. Otherwise, food trucks congregate during the week, near office buildings, like off of Bundy on Olympic, also near the MTV offices, and on 32nd near SM Airport, also near LACMA by the E! offices.

            Tacos por Favor is a must try. Breakfast at Axe or 3 Square on Abbot Kinney.

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            1. re: yogachik

              3 Square is nice for breakfast or lunch.

              1. re: mc michael

                Sorry I'm late since you're probably already on the ground for this weekend. I just posted on the thread for Taqueria Los Anaya. I do like their fish tacos, but Ricky's does seem to be the general consensus favorite. I've never had the pleasure so I can't say. You might want to check out Coni's Seafood because they are known for their seafood in the tradition of Nayarit and Sonora. They have a dish called pescado zarandeado which is quite good. Some people insist you should check to make sure their chef Sergio is working so you get the best possible version of the dish. One thing I forgot to mention about Taqueria Los Anaya in my latest posting is they are open until 9pm every day but Sunday when they close at 5pm. If you go there you'll find the family (3 brothers who are experienced chefs with their families) who are super nice and the food is really fresh. It's tiny and not fancy. I haven't eaten at the more luxurious Mexican places so I can't compare, but Taqueria Los Anaya is very inexpensive relative to the fancier places. Sorry you got here during the gas price spike, but I hope you have a great chowhound experience here.