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Oct 4, 2012 09:01 PM

Best reasonable priced American style Chinese in Oakland?

I need a new place for dine in and take out for dishes like:

Kung pau Chicken
Szechuan Beef
Sweet and Sour pork
Ginger Beef
Chinese style ribs
Deep fried prawns
Shrimp fried rice.

Who has the Best American Chinese style in Oakland?

King Yen in Berkeley is good, but now too pricey.($68 for 4 to go items...yikes)
Little Shin Shin on Piedmont no longer as good as it was.
Szechuan in Orinda is good but has become pricey too and is too far.

Are there any great hidden local favorites I am missing?

Funky little holes in the wall and sketchy hoods are fine as long as they are tasty and don't charge over $8 a dish.

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  1. if reasonable price for a good quantity is your principal criteria, try Flower Lounge, 2033 MacArthur (DImond district). most of their food is o.k. to good, service is above average. we don't eat those dishes, so can't attest to them, but they do pretty well with deep fried items.

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      Yeah, there's a place nearby named Ly Luck, pretty old school place. Haven't been in a couple yrs though

      1. re: kc72

        Flower Lounge sounds like it might be great!
        I will try it and report back.

        I have been to Ly luck around the corner many times and it has become very average over the years.
        Everything tastes the same and is kinda mucky. They seem to use some sort of corn "starchy" oyster sauce as a base for just about everything.

        I do like that they have real hot mustard for the togo orders.
        I hate those little plastic hot mustard packets that most places give you.

        1. re: Mission

          if you eat there, one of their better items is the complimentary house soup -- bone stock, veg, and some soy bean or such like, family portion, restorative. that item plus the friendly service, low prices, brought our return trade.

          1. re: moto

            But you have to ask for the house or chinese soup -- at lunch you have a choice of egg drop, hot & sour or the house chinese soup...

    2. I think Fortune Restaurant in Oakland Chinatown might do a good job with those dishes - my husband loves the Princess Chicken, a really well executed deep-fried protein in a sweet sticky sauce, They tend to get non-Chinese clientele earlier in the evening, ordering American Chinese stuff, and large Chinese families later at night, ordering primarily Cantonese seafood dishes.

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        -Fortune was our family fav for years until recently. usually got the "wor chow" dinner $48, got crab, head on shrimp, lover's bird's nest, steamed whole dish, 6 probably changed now
        -New Gold Medal was our fav for peking spareribs, beef chow fun, won ton
        would recommend these places in chitown for reasonably priced american style-chinese in oaktown..

      2. Give Chef Yu's a try. I normally order from the Korean-Chinese side of the menu but the couple of dishes I've tasted from the Chinese-American side were good. Menu:

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          good suggestion. Chef Yu is korean american as is the owners of king yen and szechwan.

          i.e cooking style (shandong) is similar.regarding american styled chinese dishes.

          only chef yu has korea oriented dishes amongst the 3.

          btw. i like the korean dishes here, the noodles.

        2. I don't know about deep fried items bc I never order them, but I used to do takeout from Tai San in Berkeley, and they do a good job w string bean w garlic sauce and prawns w fresh vegetables. They're less successful with noodles. Nice people running the biz. A hidden gem is Crispy Fry in the Emeryville Public Market. They have Chinese cooks manning three huge woks to churn out the takeout made to order. I crave the shrimp special (posted on a sign on the counter) cooked with shells on, green beans, w their lo mein (pay extra but totally worth it). They offer a selection of fried items like fish and chips too! But more limited evening hours I think.