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Oct 4, 2012 08:19 PM

Need a dinner spot between Halifax and Moncton

My mother and I will be driving from YHZ to Moncton (or perhaps Fredericton) later on this month, and will need to stop along the way for dinner. I'd really rather avoid a fast-food chain restaurant meal, and was wondering if anyone could suggest a casual local place for us to go instead. I'm a big fan of local cafes/diners that do a decent job with their meals - they don't need to offer fancy menu choices, but neither should the entrees come out of a microwave. We eat anything, but seafood is always a plus (Digby scallops - mmmm). Thanks!

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  1. The Masstown Market is a casual, local place for home style soups, sandwiches and baked goods.
    It is at TCH Exit 12, Masstown, Nova Scotia.
    What began as a seasonal vegetable stand is now a year-round business featuring locally produced goods.
    There is a soup and sandwich counter where you can order sandwiches made to order on the site made bread and rolls, seafood chowder, a veggie-rich mild chili and several soup choices.
    On occasion I have purchased one of their rotisserie chickens ( local chickens that are tastier than the supermarket product), and a salad from the deli counter and eaten it picnic style in the dining area is furnished with wooden tables and chairs. Local farmers gather there for coffee and a chat during the winter. The coffee is from the fair trader roaster, Just Us, who are located in Wolfville, NS.
    The bakery offers traditional Maritime products (vegetable oil not butter ) home-style white, brown, raisin breads and rolls, fruit pies, cinnamon buns, cookies. The rolls and cookies are sold in packs of 2, 6 and 12. Just enough for your dessert, or enough to take along on your travels.
    The grocery features the local apples, blueberries and vegetables. A recent addition is a seafood counter and the Market is a NS Liquor outlet.
    If they are closed, the nearest option is the 24 hr Tim Hortons at the Debert exit Hidden from view by the trees but just off the highway.
    There are restaurants in Truro but they are well off the highway.
    Enjoy your journey, the trees are just starting to change colours

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      Carolyn: Thank you! This sounds exactly like what I'm looking for. I'm a fan of Just Us, so that's a good selling point right there. I'm glad to hear that the leaves have just started to turn - maybe I'll catch the tail end of the show. Thanks again!

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        We ended up visiting the Masstown Market, and I am so glad we did! It had everything we needed, including a homemade donut that tasted almost exactly like the ones my Nannie used to make. Thank you for an excellent recommendation.

      2. The Masstown Market is a good spot. I also like Saltcapes in Truro. Here is the website.

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          Montel: Thank you for the link to Saltscapes. We never stop in Truro, because we don't know where anything is; now we have a new option. My mother lives in the Annapolis Valley, and my sister lives in New Hampshire, so my mother does that long drive a couple times each year, and will be happy to try out some new dining spots along the way.

        2. It sounds odd, but the Irving Big Stop restos are often quite good. There are several along your route.

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            Greg: Big Stops are always a reliable option!

          2. KGill, Glad you enjoyed your stop at Masstown Market.

            Montel, Thanks for the Saltscapes suggestion.......I have stopped at the Trading Post on the Treaty Loop for their beautiful handcrafted baskets, but I never thought to eat at any of the adjacent businesses. Glad to have this option for Moncton-Halifax travel

            i have had very mixed experiences at the Big Stops between Halifax and Edmunston...several are regular stops and several I avoid ! Though its hard to go wrong with the 24hr breakfasts.