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Oct 4, 2012 07:48 PM

post theater

Going to a play on W 45th (2 hrs 15 min running time) and want to eat afterward somewhere between there and our hotel on W. 54th. A friend has suggested La Silhouette. Any comments or suggestions?

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  1. What is the cross street (avenue) of the theatre?

    What about your hotel, what is the nearest avenue?

    What day of the week is this? When is the curtain time?

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    1. re: kathryn

      We are seeing Once, on Friday night Nov 2, run time 2:30, cross streets 8 & 9. Hotel is on 54th and 6th. Over the years we have been to Becco, Orso, Joe Allen, Bar Centrale, Esca, the restaurant in the W Hotel, Trattoria Dell'arte, Molyvos and a few others I can't remember. We just try to avoid having to get a cab and don't mind walking home as long as it is in the right direction.

      1. re: lalabama

        La Silhouette is great. I'd also suggest:

        Modern Bar Room
        Ma Peche
        DB Bistro Moderne

    2. For what it's worth, I've heard great things about La Silhouette...

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      1. re: LeahBaila

        I think we'll take a chance on Silhouette. We eaten at DBBM twice and are having lunch at the Modern one day. But I will note the others mentioned. We are also have dinner at Locanda Verde one night, and will probably go to the Ocean Grille on Sunday for lunch when we hit the Flea Market on Columbus. THanks for all the suggestions.

          1. re: LeahBaila

            Oh I will. I just changed our Sat lunch from The Modern, where we have eaten 3-4 times, to LaPeche. I think we need to experience one of Momofuku's restaurants.

            1. re: lalabama

              Nice - while I have not been to Ma Peche, I have been to his other restaurants and quite enjoy them. Make sure to pick up a sweet treat at Milk Bar while you're there!

      2. Sorry if this comes too late, but I'd really recommend AGAINST La Silhouette. We went there a couple months ago after reading many CH recommendations, and were disappointed on many levels. For their price point, and their aspirations of fanciness, I was really surprised at how lackluster both the service and food were.

        First, the service was completely off. After getting amuses containing fish, the vegetarian in our group made very clear that she was vegetarian, asked about the menu in detail, and ordered accordingly. The salad she got was not what she ordered, and came with huge bacon chunks. When she was finally able to flag someone down to send it back, it was still not at all as described on the menu and missing all the components that would've been at all interesting.

        We ordered the gnocci for our toddler to come with our appetizers, and it was the most unpalatable amorphous soggy inedible mass of goop imaginable. Oddly enough, the entree portion of gnocci my partner ordered was fine.

        I never order chicken in restaurants, but guess I was tempted by descriptions here of wonderful flavorful chicken with crisp skin (elsewhere). This was certainly not that--unremarkable chicken with flaccid, soggy skin. Served with flavorless undercooked mealy maghrebi couscous and tasty but overly salty totally discordant slices of merguez. Our guests claimed to be happy with their meals, but nothing they ordered stood out.

        Finally, we're just not as affluent as many who post on these boards, and while we can justify a more expensive dinner once in a while, the price to quality ratio was completely not there. We would've done much better for less $ at Ma Peche, Yakitori Totto, and really would've been happier just about anywhere else.

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        1. re: rose water

          Thanks, rose water, I must have been reading your mind. I had already changed our La Silhouette res to Marseille. From looking at the menus, we thought Marseille looked a lot more fun. But now I am wondering if I should change that one to NoMad. Too many restaurants to experience in such a short time!

          1. re: lalabama

            Never been to Marseille, but my one dinner at NoMad was fantastic. With the one caveat that we were seated in the Atrium, which I found a bit loud and smooshed feeling. Fine for the casual dinner I was having that evening, but not necessarily special evening worthy. People here have had mixed reports about their advance requests for the other, more sedate rooms, being honored. But the wonderful bread, the crispy quinoa, and the jalapeno/pineapple nonalcoholic cocktail were completely amazing!

            1. re: lalabama

              The NoMad is great but not super close to the theatre district. It's on 28th and Broadway, your theatre is on 45th and 8th. This is the opposite direction from your hotel on 54th and 6th...

              Also make sure you can get in at the time you want, as it's popular. I see 11pm tables on OT right now, at least.

              1. re: lalabama

                MAKE SURE to get the burger at Marseille - it's one of the best in town!!

              2. re: rose water

                I completely agree with rose water.

                I could never understand the good responses Silhouette gets. There are so many better places. The value is just not there.