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Oct 4, 2012 07:45 PM

How to use dehydrated strawberry powder?

I originally bought this to use in a frosting, but I have almost 2 full cups left and haven't a clue what to do with it. Other than a frosting or mousse, does anyone know how I can use this successfully? Would love some ideas! I've searched on Google and haven't come up with anything.

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  1. I've made a strawberry souffle which wound up with a taste that reminded me of Frankenberry. Also used it to intensify the strawberry flavor by sprinking it on cut strawberries, and have spiked a strawberry gazpacho with it.

    1. Strawberry sugar cookies? I mention this specifically because I think of the Momofuku corn cookies as corn sugar cookies. Why couldn't you use strawberry powder in a strawberry sugar cookie similar to how she uses corn flour and ground dehydrated corn (also powder) to make corn cookies? Bet they'd be great!

      1. These strawberry rice crispy treats have always been a huge hit at the parties I've seen them at:

        (Scroll past the story/text to the recipe towards the bottom)

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          Want! Those look so fun--especially as pops. :)

        2. "dehydrated strawberry powder" ... isn't that a bit redundant?

          Is there such a thing as "hydrated strawberry powder"?

          But whatever, I would use them to make ice cream

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            Actually, I don't think the term is redundant; it clarifies what sort of powder the OP is talking about. If the OP had just said "dehydrated strawberries," that would mean the whole berries. If the OP had said "strawberry powder," that could be anything -- similar to CuervoLinda's guess of something like Nestle's Quick (below). I understand perfectly what "dehydrated strawberry powder" is, though.

          2. I would put a bunch into a blender with ice and tequila, maybe a little fresh lime, but that's just me.

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              And i was going to say, it might be fun to rim a strawberry margarita glass with some. If it is pure powder that is?

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                Ooh, or even combine it with chunky decorating sugar, if possible. I like this idea!