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Oct 4, 2012 07:06 PM

Rome dinner for all...including pizza for picky eaters

We are planning a vow renewal at Santa Susanna in Rome, June 2013. Vow renewals are done during the Friday evening mass. Unclear how many extended family members will join us, but let's say we will have a dinner for 10-15 people following. Our kids (8 & 11) are extremely picky eaters-- so someplace that would *include* pizza as an option is a must. The rest of us, however, are more towards the foodie category, but will never turn our noses up at simply, great, good food. That said, we'd love to eat someplace with a view--we have elder family that will be with us, who have never been Rome, and this will likely be one & only visit for them. On previous trips, Piazza Navona remains special to my husband and I. So...there it is. Any advice is welcome for good food, including pizza, with a view, following ceremony at Santa Susanna....thanks in advance!

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  1. Does it have to be pizza? Can it be pasta? Because there is no good restaurant that I can think of that serves both pizza and other good food, with a view. But if pasta will do instead, then I can suggest some places.

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      It can be pasta--simple sauce and cheese is all that is required for the kids. We have firmed up our plans, and this will be 7 people...on a Monday night. Question-- I've read a few things about Il Palazzetto (spanish steps). Do they serve food at the outdoor space they have? Now that I'm rethinking things, a light meal/snacks (and WINE) should be fine.
      I also read about Il Giardino Dell'Eden...the "snacks" menu seems to have something to satisfy all of us. Thoughts??

    2. Father Greg at Santa Susana may have a good suggestion or two. I, like Elizabeth, don't know of a place that meets all of your criteria. For pizza and good food (and an authentic roman experience) in a pretty garden, you can hop in a taxi to the Ponte Milvio neighborhood and go to Da Palotta.