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Oct 4, 2012 07:00 PM


Can someone recommend a seller of rabbit? Fresh is ideal, frozen will do. I remember seeing a sign for rabbits on county (?) 95 (Manning Road?) in Afton (Hastings??) South of Afton State Park, but north of the turnoff for Whispering Winds Apple Orchard. Yes, I know Clancey's has rabbit, but surely it can be had for cheaper? Thanks!

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  1. here you go...

    I will say, Rabbit is more expensive now (just under $7/lb) than I have ever seen in my whole life....

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      Why is rabbit here so expensive? Is it just a lack of demand that drives prices up?

    2. I have seen frozen rabbit in the cases at Holy Land. I do not recall the price, but as it was fairly soon after a sticker-shocky purchase of rabbit at Clancy's I remember being pretty impressed...hovered somewhere around half the cost, I think. Sourcing is a question mark, as I did not check. Might be worth a look-see.

      1. try searching at There are four producers listed in addition to Marshall Farms linked in a previous post

        1. Perfect! Thanks for the suggestions folks!

          1. I'd give Everett's Meats a call just to see if they have it or can source it for you. I've never looked for it there, but they might carry it.

            I used to get frozen rabbit at Johnson's Meat Co. on Nicollet all those years ago and may have picked up a rabbit at Lund's a while back, but I can't remember seeing it recently.