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Oct 4, 2012 06:22 PM

Looking for Shanghai Recs

We are coming from Toronto to Shanghai for a few days towards the end of the month. We are of Cantonese background so we often eat that type of Chinese food. My husband and I have been to Shanghai before but my parents are coming for their first time and we'd like to eat some good food.

There was one restaurant our friend recommended that was Shanghainese on the 2nd floor of a mall in Xiantiandi but i have no clue what the name was...

I have always been curious about Mr and Mrs Bund but never gotten there.

We liked that Rainbow Seafood restaurant in Hong Kong and I think they have one there. Is it any good?

We are staying at the Park Hyatt on the Pudong side but will travel along the subway (preferably in the main areas) to find good eats.

Would love some recommendations :) No sticky budget but won't be spending like $50USD/pp probably.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Hi girlstar,

        you probably mean Xinjishi (Xintiandi)

        Xintiandi, North Block, Lane 181 Taicang Lu, near Ma..

        太仓路181号, 新天地北里, 近马当路

        which is good, though I prefer the old branch von Jesse in
        Tianping Lu.
        There is now also one in Pudong:
        2/F Zhong Guo Mansion, 166 Lujiazui Dong Lu, near Yin..

        浦东陆家嘴东路166号, 中国保险大厦2楼, 近影城路

        Mr. & Mrs. Bund id a kind of French bistro. The level of food id good. The location is nice, it is directly on the Bund, so you can go for a drink after or before.

        There are also a couple of new venues in Bund 3. I believe, one italian and one spanisch. We got a look at the both 10 days ago while in Shanghai, but we didn't dine there. Both were pretty full, so probably not so bad.


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          Thank you!

          Any other places you dined that you recommend?

          1. re: girlstar

            What kind of cuisine are you interested in. In fact, Shanghai has too many good venues.

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              Open to shanghainese and other local specialties (but we don't eat organs or frogs like recently seen on the Amazing Race). In Toronto we are fortunate to have many different cuisines.

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                You can try Shanghai Min,
                It is one of the oldest venues in Shanghai, have several branches. Offers an honest food, pretty stable and good quality. We visit it almost each time we're in Shanghai. It is nothing of "wow", but good. I also like Lost Heaven pretty much. They have now a new branch on the Bund, very impressive.

        2. girlstar,

          I'm from Toronto and I spend every summer in Shanghai, visiting relatives and eating delicious food. The Shanghainese restaurant on the 2nd floor of Xin Tian Di is probably the Shanghai chapter of Ding Tai Fung. You might know of the one on Highway 7. The Shanghai one is probably related to the original DTF from Taipei whereas the Toronto one was started by a chef from DTF Taipei (not the original owner).

          A very good Shanghainese restaurant is Jardin de Jade but it's not cheap. It has several locations, including one in Pudong. They do the best steamed hilsa herring.

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            Thanks Aleta. Any other recommendations? I have been to DRF in First Markham. The restaurant we went to seemed a little nicer in terms of decor and presentation. Really enjoyed it!