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Oct 4, 2012 05:55 PM

Doral area near Miami Airport -- coffee/breakfast, dinner and bar options

I will be staying at the Intercontinental Hotel on 87th Avenue in the Doral area of Miami next week for some business meetings. I'm looking for some casual non-chain places for breakfast, dinner and drinks. Looking for places to go with colleagues dressed in shorts or jeans. Hole in the wall places with really good food or hole in the wall bars that are great to hang out in for some drinks would be great. All cuisines and price points are fine.

I appreciate any recommendations you can provide.


BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Il Forno is an excellent italian restaurant on 25th street west of 87th ave.....about 2 minutes from your hotel......Miller's Ale House is a sports bar that's on 87th ave.....about 30 seconds north of your hotel.....Carolina Ale House is on 41 street and 87th Ave....about 45 seconds from your hotel.....There's a Chilis and Hooters.....on 87th Ave......about 45 seconds south of your hotel.....There's a neat little Mediterranean restaurant called "RICE" that's right across the street from Hooters and Chilis.....Very good Argentenian restaurant called "Los Parilleros" and that's out west on 41st street....past 107th ave.......As for breakfast....there's a Dunkin Donuts directly across the street from your hotel.....Not much in the way of breakfast joints in the area......But you can go to the BP Station....get a cuban coffee and stand and eat an empanada or croqueta like the rest of us.......

    Ft. Pierce

    (working in that area since 1985)

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      I'll second Los Parilleros and Il Forno. Both decent places.

    2. If you've got a car there's a place called La Esquina del Lechon. Slightly above hole-in-the-wall Cuban place that specializes in roast pork. For lunch it's all about the pan con lechon (a roast pork sandwich with Cuban bread, stopped with chicharron) and depending on the night you go, dinner of roast pork.

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        I'll second La Escquina del Lechon.....(the corner of pork)......We hit that place once or twice per month.....great pork sandwich.....Not as good as Cafe Milonga (US1 & SW 124th St).....but very solid and lively atmosphere.....For me that's a lunch place....

        Ft. Pierce, FL

      2. Maido on 4267 Northwest 107th Avenue is a great little Japanese place and around the corner La Patagonia at 4802 Northwest 7th St. is a lively place for empanadas, facturas, and wine.