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Oct 4, 2012 04:33 PM

Cereal Marshmallows?

Not very chow-esque, but does anyone know where to get the cereal marshmallows (ala lucky charms) in bulk? TIA!

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  1. Maybe you could talk to Malt O Meal and see if they would sell you some directly...

    1. these used to be available at most grocery stores. they are dehydrated and are often sold under the name "dehydrated marshmallows". i think kraft made them. you can buy them on amazon or any number of online sources. they are terrible.

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        Ha ha, one of the buyers on Amazon was disappointed when he received an 8 lb bag, rather than the 20 lb bag, pictured. He wanted to fill a bathtub and bathe in them.

        I would rather eat mass quantities of fiberglass insulation.