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Oct 4, 2012 03:29 PM

Good meal at lower price restaurant in Gettysbur for family of six

We will be eating dinner three nights in Gettysbur. We are going out for "higher end" meals for two nights so would like a lower cost restaurant for ome evening (here alchol is served). Thanks!

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  1. There's a fanatastic BBQ plus place in Emmitsburg, MD whose owner chats a lot on Roadfood. But not sure that it isn't BYOB

    1. We've had a couple of decent meals at Appalachian Brewing Co. and my husband likes their beers. The food is just passable pub grub. I had some sort of really good soup on one trip. We've been there during Greyhounds In Gettysburg, with dogs along. They have a nice patio, where the dogs are welcome and the service is friendly. So, we've been happy there.

      1. Not sure if you searched this board, but here's what I found.
        If you're willing to drive a little, Pomona's Bakery Cafe in Biglerville has also been recommended.
        Good luck, and please post back!

        1. If you're okay with Mexican, you can eat pretty well for a reasonable price at Montezuma at 225 Buford Avenue -

          Or if you like Thai food, Thai Classic IV is quite reasonable. I'm no expert on Thai cuisine, but I found their food to be fresh and tasty.

          *Edit:* I missed the alcohol requirement. Montezuma and Thai Classic IV are BYOB.

          Appalachian Brewing is nice, too, for burgers and sandwiches. We had a decent bar food type of dinner at O'Rorke's Pub on Steinwehr Avenue.

          Ping's Cafe on Baltimore Street comes highly recommended from our B&B hosts, but it's always closed when we're there. (We usually go to G'burg in the off-off-season.) It's a sit-down Chinese and Japanese place - also BYOB.

          If you're staying at a B&B or inn, the innkeeps often have a collection of menus to peruse (or personal recommendations.) I think the Quality Inn type places also have dining info available.

          1. If alcohol and family friendly are required, I think Appalachian will suit you best. Like others have said, it's pub food, nothing to knock your socks off, but they always meet expectations, we like the beer choices, and my 10 and 11 y.o. are always really happy there.


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              We go to the Harrisburg location a couple of times a year and at that location, they are super-kid friendly so I would expect the same in Gettysburg, which is far more of a tourist destination. The food has alway been solid, nothing exciting but very consistant.