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Oct 4, 2012 03:25 PM

Back for Veteran's long weekend, need some advice

I had an absolutely fantastic eating experience in Boston last time I came around in May and I want a repeater but this time, I have my BF with me who's of Portuguese decent. So, having said that, we're thinking of staying in Cambridge, I've seen a couple recs for Casa Portugal, are there any other places we can go for great Portuguese/Azorean food that don't require a car?

Any other can't miss spots, I've read OC's great list and sounds like Craigie on Main is a must so definitely hitting there. I wanted to take the BF to Prezza given my absolutely wonderful Italian experience there (and exceedingly disappointing Italian in NYC) but looks like they won't be open til after we leave. Any other recs for fantastic and simple but great Italian?

Thanks in advance everyone!! Can't wait to visit again!

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