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Oct 4, 2012 02:49 PM

chocolate liqueur at SAQ?

Tried to get this at a small local SAQ today and they didn't have any nor did they know who did. just searched the SAQ website and got no results. Does anyone know where I can get this in Montreal? Preferably Godiva but at this point anything will do.

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  1. i don't think there is godiva liquor in quebec but there is caramilk ;))

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    1. re: catroast

      Caramilk? Is that a choc liqueur-type thing? And why isn't there Godiva in QC? So many questions, sorry. I need this as an ingredient in some 'adult' milkshakes I'm making this weekend, do you (or does anyone) have any suggestions as to what I could replace it with? I cant fricken believe there isnt some kind of choc flavoured alcohol in this city!

    2. Not a whole, mouth-feel chocolate liquor, but what about creme de cacao? If you're using it in milkshakes, it might do the trick.
      Suggestion - add some creme de banane to the cacao, cream (or ice cream), optional vodka if you want kick, and shake or blend - a banana sandwich.

      1. There are a few chocolat "beverage" hits when searching for "chocolat" on the SAQ site.

        Have a look...


        1. Thanks, Max, I just re-searched (I had searched for 'chocolate' with an 'e' - got a few more results for chocolat) but theyre all described as 'cream liqueur' which isn't necessary because vanilla ice cream is also an ingredient. Will creme de cacao work? I've heard of this but am not sure what it is - is there only a single item named 'creme de cacao'? Different types? Anyone got a recommendation?

          Porker - the alcohol is amaretto and choc liqueur - would vodka still work? I am making these:

          Thanks! :)

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          1. re: montrealeater

            I think the cacao will work fine.
            There might be 2 or 3 brands (I'm thinking Meaghars, Bols, Marie Brizzard - maybe others). Its been awhile since I had to buy these, but I think they're all within a few bucks of each other and similar in quality. The Meaghars may appear to be the low one, but usually only 'cause the price being $1 or $2 cheaper.
            I'd suggest following the recipe and see what you think. Like I say, add vodka if you want extra kick - its supposed to be neutral in flavor, but too much will certainly be overpowering.
            If you're smitten with these creamy drinks, pick up other flavors as you go. Mix & match with stuff that'll go together; I dunno, a touch of galliano for a vanilla kick, creme de mint for a toothpaste finish (or Bailey's mint for a smoother finish), amarula would work, etc etc

          2. I just did a search on the SAQ site and they have the Godiva white chocolate liqueur in many locations. They must be out of the dark chocolate one. They also have something called Erotika Cioccolato as well as few other chocolate flavoured items.