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Oct 4, 2012 01:55 PM

JD Farms Turkeys

Time to buy a bird and I've never tried the JD Farms turkey. They are right in the top range price-wise and I was wondering if anyone has had them in the past? (We're talking the classic Thanksgiving/Christmas turkey preparation here.)

When you see them next to lower priced turkeys there is no comparison as they look much fuller and "pinker".
I've always bought whatever fresh turkey looked best in the past (often a loss leader special at the supermarket) and after careful brining and cooking I'm usually pretty pleased with the result so this is my effort to back away from a factory style bird.

Or, is there another brand if I'm going to consider going over $60 for a 12 pounder? I'd like to support local but it isn't a deal breaker if there is something better at this price point. I'm sure there are a bunch of limited edition babies that are already sold out by this late date so hopefully nothing too esoteric that I need to chase all over town for....

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  1. we haven't done a turkey for a few years but last one we did was - I think but not sure - a JD Farms one (bought at Stong's - it was whatever free range turkey they sell). It was pricey (offset by a few Stongs turkey bucks) but superbly flavourful - even the breast meat.

    1. Only done JD for the last 8 years or so and always loved them. They cook faster than a regular turkey so I would make sure to use a leave in thermometer when cooking. I only live 20 mins from JD so always go and get them directly... Their smoked legs and sausages are pretty good too.

      1. JD farms aren't true free range/run. Also if you aren't buying from whole foods the shop probably isn't getting their best birds. Look for rossdown or K&M.

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          Ah well, I picked one up at Pete's Meat on Arbutus. They also have the rossdowns and as luck had it the first one they brought out was one of those but I decided to go for a bigger size and it was the JD.

          I'm sure it'll be quite delicious (if I do my part correctly - dry brining) so no biggy. As I said at the start they sure look miles better than the usual suspects.
          I'll report back since Christmas is up next....

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            Good topic, eatrustic (and happy Thanksgiving to any Canucks reading). We're doing Christmas dinner this year so looking forward to hearing how people's T-day birds went down. We usually get from Tenderland Meats on Granville Island but have never noted the farm name. Rossdown and K&M also noted.

        2. Got our 16 ponder from 3p meats in north Vancouver. 70.00 and we easily fed the 12 we had over for dinner, plus lots of leftovers for the trad sandwiches on cranberry semolina bread from bread affair. Brined birdie in apple and orange juice, salt, water and some cloves. Cooked up nice and juicy - was not disappointed!

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            Same here. Gave my 14 lb'er a salting 24 hours before (1 Tbs. per 5 lbs) and it cooked up super juicy.

          2. Bought some Rossdown Farms turkey legs from Big Lou's and gave them a nice bath in duck fat for 4 hours at 300 degrees. Best turkey I have ever had but it was far from the traditional "roast" bird.