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Oct 4, 2012 01:09 PM

Help me name my home cooking blog!

My cousin and I are starting home cooking blog to explore the family recipes each week. We just received a family cookbook from one side of the family with over 250 recipes. We are going to go at it "Julia and Julia" style and need help with ideas for names. The family name is Graf. Any ideas are welcome!!!

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  1. Just to brainstorm:

    How to cook like a Graf and survive (catchy, too risky? not positive enough?)
    250 recipes that will change your life (promising too much?)
    Take this recipe and cook it!

    ...or many more...

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    1. re: Wawsanham

      Those are good! I was hoping for an associated Blog name....

      Gastro Graf?
      Gourmet Grafs
      Graf's Getting Gourmet


      1. re: lamcgee

        Gastro Graf - doesn't roll off the tongue so easily. People would say gasto graf or grasto gaf, etc.
        Gourmet Grafs - if they are family recipes, are they really gourmet?
        Graf's Getting Gourmet - Too many Gs. Once again, are these really gourmet recipes?

        If these are really gourmet recipes, then go with that name. But when I think family recipes, I think simple delicious meals.

        How about Graf Eats? Not sure.