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Oct 4, 2012 11:52 AM

Weekend in KC, restaurant & bar suggestions?

My boyfriend and I will be in Kansas City for a weekend and are looking for some good places to eat and drink. We are staying downtown but we have a car so location isn't too important.

First of all, BBQ recommendations are of course welcome, though I've seen a bunch of threads on this board already for it so that doesn't have to be the focus. Any other "must try" places? We're on a limited budget so nothing too crazy, under $20ea for dinner, around $10 or under for breakfast/lunch.

Fun neighborhoods to go out at night for drinks? Good bars? We're kind of beer snobs, so any bars that have a good selection of craft/local beer would be great. Any good local brewpubs or breweries to check out? I wanted to do a tour at Boulevard but I guess they book up months in advance. Checked out their website and it doesn't seem they have a tasting room, unfortunately.


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  1. There isn't much in KC for local brewpubs. 75th St Brewery in Waldo and McCoy's in Westport are both good, but I wouldn't classify either as having exceptional food or beer. If you have time, I'd head out to Lawrence and go to Free State Brewery that is quite fantastic in my opinion. Pick up a couple of Growlers to take home with you. I find the selection they have on tap is much larger and unique than 75th St. McCoy's does have some decent seasonal/rare options at times.

    Not sure if you'd be in town by 6 on Friday, but if you can make happy hour at Beer Kitchen (also in Westport) you could get both great beer and food for a good price. Even if you don't make Happy Hour, it's still a pretty good place, but I sometimes feel as if I am overpaying.

    Westport would probably be a good neighborhood to check out. There are lots of little local restaurants, bars, etc and you can have drinks at one, apps at another, etc.

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      Thanks! We're actually going to a show in Westport at the Beaumont Club on Saturday night so it seems like we'll have to come early/stay after to check out some of the bars. We will be getting in early on Friday so I will check out happy hour at Beer Kitchen!

    2. You might like "Haus" for lunch. It's a German-style beer place with a variety of locally-made "wursts" on the food menu. Good selection of Euro-beers. "Haus" is at Martini Corner, 31st and Gilham in Midtown KC.

      1. We really love this Asian place. We have only been for lunch. Cool little area.

        The MidTown location.

        1. Also, since we will be there on Sunday, suggestions for a good sports bar to catch the Bears game before we begin our drive back?

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            Johhny's in the Power & Light District. That would be convenient if you're staying downtown.

          2. Hello Annie86x,

            I happen to pop over to this thread and wanted to give my "2 cents".

            For BBQ in my opinion the first stop on our KC trips is Arthur Bryants then afterwards to some of the other local joints - everyone has their favs.

            Also another must have eat for us is Strouds for their fried chicken and fresh cinnamon rolls served with your meal.

            For a dive bar with the most amazing wings and BLT sandwiches - OMG - is The Peanut in Quality Hill:



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            1. re: retrotravelgirl

              Thanks for mentioning The Peanut. I had noticed it last year when I stopped by Glacé and wondered whether it was anything special, other than being the oldest bar in KC. Here's the photo I took of the exterior.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Ha, ha it is a total HOLE IN THE WALL, but gosh I wish I could dig up the photo I have of their amazingly naughtly and delicious BLT sandwich. Oh, and of course their wings, ha ha.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  The Peanut is the oldest bar in KC? I always thought it was Kelly's in Westport.

                  I have to agree that the Peanut serves great wings and BLT's. There must be half a ton o bacon on those things.

                  1. re: chileheadmike

                    Correction: I checked the website again and The Peanut claims to be the oldest Bar & Grill. Whether that is accurate or not, I don't know.

                2. re: retrotravelgirl

                  You had me at "cinnamon rolls". Definitely adding Strouds to the list! We were already planning on Arthur Bryant's so good to see another vote for that! Ill keep The Peanut in mind as well, I love a good dive bar. Thanks!

                  1. re: annie86x

                    Here's my photo of Stroud's cinnamon roll, which may or may not be what you have in mind.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      That is not what I had on mind but it looks delicious regardless!