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Oct 4, 2012 11:21 AM

Dinner tabs: a few bistrot receipts

I thought it might be useful for upcoming visitors to see some actual dinner tabs from late summer 2012. Our format was to order wine by the glass since we have reached the point where it is difficult to agree on a wine both of can enjoy and/or digest. We also are not dessert people and never order it if we can avoid it, i.e., if we can comfortably order just entree and plat rather than a three or more course menu. Also, you will note that there is often a supplement for a dish with more expensive ingredients,

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  1. That will show them the prices, thanks. Good thought/good job.

    1. And a couple of no-choice menus, Saturne and Rino respectively:

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        I ate that same Saturne menu -- it was fabulous.

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          Wonderful Margaret/Mangeur, we should all post receipts or at least total prices from places we've actually eaten at.

        2. Great idea!

          Certainly enough to put me off visiting Paris any time soon.,

          I'd say that down here in the hinterlands the bill for similar meals would be roughly halved.
          More 'downmarket' places average less than 20€ per head including house wine.

          Guess its true when they say; there's Paris and then there's France.

          1. How about this tab for 16.

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              See how expensive coca-cola is in France, regular or diet.

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                I would have had to have liked the other 15 an awful lot.

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                  Not to worry, they played credit card roulette.

              2. Very helpful . Thanks.