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Oct 4, 2012 10:58 AM

pick your own figs

Is there anywhere in the area where you can pick your own? I know it's late in the season for figs, but would be good to know if such a place exists for next year.

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  1. I've never seen them at Larriland or Homestead. I think Maryland may be too far north for figs to be a viable commercial crop.

    1. I don't know it you have a yard or not - but grab a cutting (Don't ask me what season to do this in I don't know anything about gardening) and get one started for yourself.

      A friend put a couple in my parent’s back yard 20 years ago and every season except in the worst drought years we have so many we give them away to the neighbors.

      It may take a couple of years before you are able to say you have too many figs . . .but man . . .when they start to come in, it is awesome.

      One particularly hard winter the frost killed the “tree” that spring we pruned it to the ground when no buds appeared. By the end of the summer new branches had sprouted and we even had a dozen figs or so. Two years later we had virtually recovered a full harvest.

      Our dog used to get up on her hind legs and pick off the low hanging one and eat them when they got ripe. You now that you have a special fruit when and insane golden retriever is fighting you for the harvest.

      1. I was at the Old Town farmers market in Alexandria this morning and one vendor had lots of fresh figs (white and purple) so they must still be in season. Maybe go to one of the vendors that sells them and ask they know of pick your own.

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          The Old Town Farmers Market is not a producers-only market, so theoretically you could find almost anything there. Doesn't have to be local.

          There are PYO websites for Maryland and Virgina (and other states) that can be found via Google.

          1. re: Milocat1

            The only way to find out if the figs are local is to ask, hence my suggestion. I do believe they grow all their own produce as it is quite small stall and only has season appropriate produce.