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Oct 4, 2012 10:51 AM

Good casual place near Sunshin Cinema?


I am looking for a good casual place on lower east side/east village near Sunshine on Houston and 1st, roughly. I am thinking 'inoteca for now.

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  1. Katz's immediately comes to mind!!
    Noodle Bar
    Stanton Social Club

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      Thanks, all. What about Lucien - I must've walked by that place a million times, but I hear mixed reviews.

      1. re: nokitsch

        I've been to Lucien several times; they have really good escargot, but during prime weekend hours it can be hectic. What about Prune? Great food at fair prices, however it is small, so either a reservation or an off-hour visit is best.

    2. Mission Chinese Food
      Zabb Elee

      1. As above, though I'd leave out Noodle Bar. Meh.

        Also add:
        Family Recipe (great little neighborhood joint that more people shoudl know about, fresh & creative food, right around the corner on Eldridge)
        Macondo (good Central/South American fare, can be really busy & sceney on the weekends though)
        Taqueria LES (on the cheaper end, nothin' fancy, just decent tacos)
        Spitzer's Corner (great beer list)
        Schiller's Liquor Bar (sceney/busy again, and loud)

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          Thanks for the heads up on Family Recipe, looks good. I'll have to check it out.

        2. I had a really good meal at Sorella recently. I also like Pulino's in that area.

          1. Tre is a pretty good substitute for 'inoteca, if the latter is crazy crowded. You can go the small plates route there with the "street foods" portion of the menu. I'm partial to the panzerotti, because they're tater tots, and who doesn't like tater tots? They do a good fried artichoke as well.


            I'll also second Taqueria, Spitzer's Corner, and Schiller's, although on a weekend evening you might have a tough time getting a table at any of them.