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Oct 4, 2012 10:17 AM

ideas for moderately-priced bistro, continental, French or Mediterranean within a 10 minute walk of the Four Seasons Centre...

I've dined at Volos, Mercatto, Little Anthony's, Adega, Jump and Vertical in the past. I have not dined at Reds or Modus. I realize Modus was a big disappointment to millygirl and some others.

Anyone have any other French, Italian or Mediterreanean suggestions, within a 10 minute walk of Queen W and University?

We usually dine at Nota Bene, but I'd like to try a place I haven't tried before.

Has anyone dined at Reds recently?

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. What about that higher end greek place at the corner of Richmond and York? Forget the name. I had lunch there once and it was quite good (had the lamb burger and octopus as an app).

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      that would volos as he mentioned at the beginning of his post. how about gaberdine (not open weekends) i

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        thanks ingloriouseater and grandgourmand.

        I agree, the octopus at Volos is great.

        Wasn't a big fan of the food I tried at the Gabardine on my 2 visits. Sort of wondered if their upscale comfort food shtick just isn't my thing. Other Chowhounds I know love it. That being said, might be time for a revisit.

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          gabardine is now serving dinner on saturday nights.

      2. We've recently eaten at La Bettola di Terroni and Osteria Ciceri e Tria. We liked them both and they got us in and out within an hour, with plenty of time to make a performance. At the former, the grilled octopus and the beef tartar were excellent antipasti and the tonnarelli and the bucatini were also very enjoyable. At the latter, we sampled all the antipasti plus had a divine burrata. The orecchiette with clams was very good. The ravioli filled with chestnuts was also delicious but the truffle oil seemed MIA.

        Also, if you pick wisely, Bannock can be pretty good for a pre-Four Seasons Centre performance. The pickerel taco has never let us down.

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          Thanks Dr. John. I've enjoyed meals at La Bettola before shows at the Canon/Ed Mirvish. It would be another good option before the 4 Seasons Centre. Haven't tried Osteria Ciceri e Tria yet. Thanks for the specific dish recs.

          And thanks for the pickerel taco rec. Might end up trying Bannock this time. Squeedwich looks good, as does the griddled octopus. Has anyone tried Bannock's current pork and belly tourtière?

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            thanks for recommending Bannock, Dr. John. Good value for the neighbourhood- our meal came to less than $70 before tip. I liked my salmon, and my friend was happy with his Caesar salad, chicken pot pie and butter tart. Would return.

        2. You might like to give Jules a try...although maybe a little more than ten minutes in walking distance.

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            Thanks AzulH. Have been meaning to try Jules for a while- thanks for reminding me it's relatively close.

          2. reds just finished renovation - When I passed by it last week, it was closed for renovation. I just called them and was told that the renovation is done and it's open to the public. I'm wondering how their renovation went. Their website looks different too.