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Oct 4, 2012 10:12 AM

Help for dinner tonight now that Spice Table is closed for the week!

Hello all!

My brother and sister-in-law are visiting from NY- we were going to go to Spice Table tonight but they are closed for pipe issues...

Is there a restaurant you guys can think of that is unique and has the bold flavors of spice table? My brother loves meat, my sister-in-law loves fish, and my husband and I just love big flavors!

Was thinking ink or lazy ox canteen? but I'm new to LA too and have never been to either one.

Thank you all!

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  1. Lazy Ox is good. Rivera is really good small plate high end mexican with a nice bar.

    1. They may be very disappointed with Lazy Ox coming from NYC.

      Red Medicine is unique, flavorful, and can go toe to toe with NYC's finest. The caramalized brussel sprouts with fish sauce are about as flavorful as anything gets. The pork shoulder or family sized portion of beef should satisfy your brother easily.


      And thread:

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      1. re: Porthos

        Very good call. I assumed they were looking in Downtown. Shouldnt assume!

      2. Another place to consider is Lukshon in Culver City: We like their food quite a lot and they have the bold flavors you are seeking...

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          I really wish Lukshon would get more love. I've dined there a handful of times and everything was really spectacular. I do think Red Medicine is a better overall experience, but they have very different menus and I crave certain items from both.

          1. re: cacio e pepe

            Along with the fact that Lukshon is more affordable.

            1. re: Servorg

              Can't really compare costs since Red Medicine uses much higher cost ingredients and is much more complex and labor intensive.

              It's like saying Hungry Cat is more affordable than Providence.

              FWIW, my tab at Lukshon ran the same as my tabs at Red Medicine.

              1. re: Porthos

                You can compare value. I can't *quite* agree with your analogy because I think Lukshon is closer to Red Medicine than Hungry Cat is to Providence. The gap isn't as wide as your analogy implies.

                For me, though, the issue is that once you're as good as Lukshon, each incremental step above that level is more and more difficult to achieve. The fact the Red Medicine trumps Lukshon in every way just goes to show how stellar that kitchen is right now.

                But, Lukshon is very worthy of my restaurant dollars. I have never left there unhappy with my food or complaining about a poor value.

                Lastly, I tend to spend a good chunk more at Red Medicine than I do Lukshon. And I'm never sorry about that!

                1. re: cacio e pepe

                  The fact the Red Medicine trumps Lukshon in every way just goes to show how stellar that kitchen is right now.
                  I couldn't agree more. Quite possibly *the* best in LA these days. Providence included.

        2. Why not go to a full blown Thai restaurant like Pailin Thai.

          Fish? Check. Meat? Check. Big hits of spiciness, curries and sourness? Check. A cook from Northern Thailand of 10+ years? Check. 1/3 the price of Lazy Ox, triple check. Save the left over cash and go get drunk at Harvard & Stone.

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          1. re: TonyC

            Might be too ethnic for some, also having English speaking staff is nice sometimes too.

            I'd recommend Baco Mercat over Lazy Ox though.