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Oct 4, 2012 09:41 AM

Delray Dinner In The Sky - dining pod hoisted 180 feet in the air!

Ok, so who is in for being hoisted in a glass bubble dining pod at 180 feet in the air to enjoy your dining experience? It's is coming to Delray on October 20th.

Here is the article:

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  1. I'd be too frightened to eat!

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    1. re: gblcsw

      I wonder if CFByrne or OysterHo will do this?

    2. I'd be interested but I'll be in Gainesville that day.

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      1. re: GatorFL

        I weigh 230lb (but I am 6'1"), so I am over the weight restriction. And the $500 per person might be a problem for my budget plan as well! But I am very curious as to just what will be in those swag bags....

        1. re: freakerdude

          I'm 6'6.and 290.......I won't make it either.....

          Ft. Pierce, FL

          1. re: freakerdude

            I guess I'm too fat to be hoisted into the sky by a crane as well. Even if I was sub 225 lbs I wouldn't be interested. I'm all for paying for unique experiences, even over paying, though I don't see the appeal in this at $500.

            I guess if I want to have dinner in the sky overlooking Delray Beach, I'll buy a sandwich and eat on the top deck of the pineapple grove parking garage.

            1. re: coffeyucf

              Agreed with coffey... there is nothing about this appealing to me...

              I'd much rather spend my $500 on 5 or 10 good meals - right on terra firma, thank you.

              1. re: CFByrne

                Little did I know it was $500 when I posted this. But I am sure they will fill the reservations.

                1. re: CFByrne

                  hahaha, you know how I feel. Over the top ridiculous hoity toity pretentious waste of money I don't even have! I'm with CFByrne - I'll spend it on a whole bunch of great dinners.

                  I think it would be fun to do if it was reasonably priced, but it's insane.

                  1. re: OysterHo

                    Remember the adage "There is an inverse realtionship between the height of the restaurant and the quality of the food" For $1,000 a couple I can have dinner at Per Se in New York or any number of other A starred restaurants in this country and will be in New York and not Delray Beach.

                    1. re: DolceFarNiente

                      What do you do if all of the sudden you say"I think I left the iron plugged in"

                      1. re: HotMelly

                        Jump! They include the parachute in the deal!

                      2. re: DolceFarNiente

                        In NYC, you can often find some restaurants that are on higher floors too. No extra charge!

            2. Photos of the setup this morning.

              Probably still tix left if anyone is interested.

              This is not for me though, thank you.

              1. Should be extra fun tomorrow with projected winds reaching 50 mph!

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                1. re: zook

                  Ummm Zook?

                  This event happened last weekend!

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    Oops! I wonder if they recouped their expenses when they were here.

                    1. re: zook

                      It doesn't sound good - see end of article


                      "According to Martin, the production of the event cost around $100,000 total. Even if they sold out all the seats at $500, they would have brought in only $44,000. "

                      1. re: CFByrne

                        All I can say is "wow"! Thanks for the info.

                        1. re: CFByrne

                          Good to see our property tax dollars wasted on a poorly planned stunt.