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Oct 4, 2012 09:25 AM

Dallas Michelin Guide

There is a rumor that the guide is coming to dallas

Which of the restaurants in dallas you think is good enough to get a star? 3 stars?

IMHO, there are 2 restaurants in my mind that could get multiple stars, but they are both closed (Nana and York Street).

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  1. The late York Street for sure!

    1. None. Their standards are way higher than anything Dallas offers. Consider this, in Brooklyn (which has 5 million residents and shares the food obsessed culture with the rest of NYC), there are only 4 restaurants that have 1 star.

      1. York Street would have been the closest place, but otherwise none. If any restaurants in Texas deserve stars, they'd be in Houston.

        1. I can't imagine they'd think of coming here if there weren't at least one 2 star and a few 1 stars.

          If Topolobampo is a 1 star, Pyles definitely is too. The Mansion would garner one as well, I'd easily put it next to One Market in SF, or La Toque in Napa.

          If Fearings were just a slight bit more consistent it might get a star. And Lucia with a slightly expanded, or tasting menu could be considered as well.

          1. Lucia is probably a bit of a stretch since michelin usually pay attention to atmosphere as well. Too casual, and they will ignore you (momofuku noodle bar and ssahm bar in nyc didnt get any star for example). They might get the "bib gourmand" treatment though.

            I agree with mansion, it should get a star at the very least. French Room (and the old Bijoux and Aurora) comes to mind as well since Michelin guide really like old-style french restaurant.

            What about the modern style? Oak? Abacus?