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Oct 4, 2012 08:41 AM

What's For Dinner? #167 [old]

Fall has settled swiftly upon us and it is lovely to bask in the colors here in the Midwest. Wherever you might be, are you fully shifting into Autumnal Mode yet?

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  1. This whole week has been dreary here in the northeast, but the occasional glimpse of the tops of trees turning gorgeous colors is exciting nonetheless. Tonight's dinner will be some sort of chicken thighs with mushrooms, likely a cacciatore. My husband likes to shop at the Restaurant Depot, and I find my daily challenge is making a dent into the volume of stuff he purchases! It was broccoli last night, and it will be mushrooms tonight. Both he and my son won't be home until 8:30 or so, and a cacciatore is something that will hold until their arrival. I'm going to fire up the rice cooker and have that to serve with the chicken.

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      Cacciatore sounds really good right now. I'm adding that to my list for next week. What's your stand-by recipe, roxlet?

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        I used one from The Cooks Magazine Cookbook. It was excellent, with a dark, rich sauce.

    2. roast chicken, for sure.... not sure what else yet. but we have leftover mashed potatoes and leftover rice. one for him, one for me. salad. yawn. maybe i'll brush the chicken with pom syrup... but the BF won't like that... if i get home before he does.....

      i bought a bunch of fresh pasillas on sale last night, in anticipation of making enchiladas for the enchilada DOTM thread. maybe i'll roast those up tonight....

      1. Vegetarian eats today, to work through some of the CSA veggies. Lunch was roasted carrots, radishes, and onions and peppers tossed with leftover basmati rice.

        Scooby snacks if I need them this afternoon - celery with peanut butter.

        Dinner tonight will be pizza - an herb dough from Trader Joe's, topped with some fresh tomato sauce, sauteed broccoli rabe, mushrooms and garlic, as well as some caramelized onions. Not sure if I'll use mozzarella cheese or goat cheese. We'll see.

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          OK, I used goat cheese on this pizza, and Wow. This is *really* good pizza, if I do say so myself! The sauce was very thin, so I strained it through a strainer (about 1 cup) to get most of the actual water/liquid out of it, and then stirred in 1 Tbsp. of tomato paste. Perfect.

        2. Finally making the whole chicken chicken broth and there will be pot pie with puff pastry crust for dinner. Should also be enough white meat for a chicken salad. And there will be chicken stock for the soon to be scheduled squash soup as well as the freezer.

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            It was not a franken chicken so only Chick Pot Pie but a bigger one than the planned two individual pies.

          2. I'm still working through leftovers from the big batch of carnitas I made on Sunday and will be for a few more days. I was running out of salsa last night though so I roasted about 20 Fresno peppers that I bought at the Farmer's market and made a new batch. I'll probably make some guacamole tonight to go with it too.